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krishnasrujan We need a A1 Coach in Train Name: SABARI EXP and Train No: 17230. 9 years ago
psaram42 » CKannan Hi Welcome. Can you call me at 4126-9814 ? Tks 9 years ago
Shyam Sunder Mu... Used autos used recently and found most meters tampered.If one sees the profile of users it is poor and visitors to our city who use autos. 9 years ago
ss87 » shashi kumar y Hi sir Isnt 378B one of the routes we proposed in our list-i mean the route of 378B but we wanted it from Shantinagar i believe 9 years ago
Bheema.Upadhyaya BTP is FaceBook. Welcome BTP :) 10 years ago
abhishekiyengar » kbsyed61 This is abhishek iyengar writer and director of namma metro play, i saw your post, pls contact me at 10 years ago
abidpqa Metro did not start on Ugadi. At least BWSSB could have provided water on Ugadi 10 years ago
abidpqa Loudspeaker use has time limit, but none for digging borewell 10 years ago
murali772 » shashi kumar y yes 10 years ago
shashi kumar y » murali772 * ARE YOU THE SAME 10 years ago
shashi kumar y » murali772 Sir,arethe same murlidhar rao,who recently had his viewaboutBMTCin TOI.?? 10 years ago
Rajaram Contamination of groundwater is a major crisis. 10 years ago
Bheema.Upadhyaya Must follow her : http://timesofindia.india... 10 years ago
ashok_n » shashi kumar y No reply from BMTC. 10 years ago
ss87 » shashi kumar y Sent mail to ctmo again regarding 500 route re routing-got reply that the same will be talked to traffic police and restored 10 years ago
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