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Bheema.Upadhyaya I am happy that Namma Railu is going to be reality soon :) 9 years ago
adicoza786 Will not accept suppression of the freedom of expression in a democracy 9 years ago
Bheema.Upadhyaya Just read : The govt knows how 2 handle criticism from urban intellectuals, who just have sophisticated arguments but do little in action 9 years ago
silkboard Can I go to MRTPC to complain about high fares from BMTC? 9 years ago
silkboard Back after a month long break 9 years ago
ramaprasad To take up the cause of common people and to try to mitigate their grievences. 9 years ago
srinivas.muddap... » Bheema.Upadhyaya Thanks Bheema for your help letting me know the email address of BMTC official. Your help is much apprecited. 9 years ago
abidpqa The bus stop shed at Binamangala removed!. 9 years ago
ananth.bangalore An FGD to figure out if there was a single alpha-demon as the curse for all civic issues and to design a strategy for effective fight-back? 9 years ago
RavikumarN Lets join hands to make Bangalore a better place for all kind of people. 9 years ago
ashok_n Delhi intros Cluster buses- . 9 years ago
silkboard Out on travel and mostly offline till May 23 9 years ago
viji Improvement in technology has not given life to residents of Ejipura suffering from drainage water entering their houses.Is there some hope? 9 years ago
naveen_blr » Navning Hey Navning, Sure, you can call me at 9900145960/ I would be interested to join some team related to BMTC too/ 9 years ago
Navning » naveen_blr Hi.. I happened to read about your idea of introducing cycling clubs in IT parks similar to Infy/IISC.Would like to connect wit u. 9 years ago
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