Acknowledge! (once you get DDC stickers)

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Hi DDC Pledged drivers,

Its our continuous thanks for pledging to be a good driver. We all now its hard but doable. Well, the stickers are on way to your addresses via Indian Post. Very aggressive DDCians may be eager to receive stickers at the earliest and wondering at timelines for getting stickers. So here is how its works. We DDC Project members will mail it via ordinary post usually at Saturdays or at any free time available along. Individual DDC Project Member may add few more items like pasting instructions or any other interesting materials which may be of help to get more DDC pledgers. While there is no strict timelines to mail it, but we will do at earliest possible. Do acknowledge that you received it. Also feel free to ask questions and send feedback regarding stickers itself.

DDC Project Members: Request you to send an email(or send message from Praja via Prajabyte by mentioning @prajausername in message) to people whom you have sent stickers, so that they are aware its on the way !