Bike stand specifications..

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So finally we have the bike stand commissioned at the Airlines today with a short ceremony..

The specifications for the above stand is as below:

  • Material Used: Mild Steel (MS) 
  • Guage: 16
  • Dia of the tube used: 1.5 "
  • Distance between the legs of the U's : 24"
  • DIstance between the U's : 30 "
  • Height of the U's : 40" for the small U's and 60" for the tall U
  • Floor railing : 2"X1" rectangle

Each U can take atleast 2 the above setup with 5 U's can take 10 cycles minimum..


Cycle stand at Putenalli

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Our friends from RACF have put up a cycle stand at Puttenalli lake last year, here is an image of the same..


It is indeed a piorneering effort.

However request fellow cyclists to draw out the merits of this stand compared to the U stand put by Praja. It will help imrpove the design for the future..

The above stand looks like designed for a 10 cycle parking..similar to what we have at airlines hotel..

U stand vs others

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The U design can park the same 10 with the added benefit of being able to lock wheel frame & even seat post if needed as it is high & spans both rear & front. Also the cost of the U stand is half of this one in the pic. The cost might be a factor of chosing a good vendor but the high U stand is unmistakable in the design benefits.