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Paint, your way!

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2 May 2010 15:00
2 May 2010 16:30

By Centre for Social Initiative and Management

in association with Builders’ NGV Club


Come, participate, and Win attractive prizes!

in 3 categories.

Age 4 -10

Age 10-16

Open category for ALL 


Builders’ NGV Club, Koramangala

3 PM on Sunday 2nd May 2010 

Please get your preferred medium of colors, we will provide you with paper to color your dreams!

Registrations open at the venue or dial 9845591601/9901763834.


And get to know about our campaign 

Learn, Your Way!

Open Minds, Open Education.


For more information about open schooling visit


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The timings are being shown incorrectly

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Please note the painting event is between 3pm- 4:30 pm , specifically for participants outside the NGV complex.


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