List of ROB's and RUB's within BBMP limits

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Commuter Rail

List of major RUB's and ROB's  within BBMP limit : Total 141 identified by RITES 2012 report as part of Commuter Rail..  Out of that how many will come under BBMP limits ???  Also Volume of Traffic more then 50000 TVU's  are level crossing  : 55 Nos.

Recent Karnataka Budget by CM Siddharamaya,  allocated Rs 200 Crore for completion of RUBs / ROBs.

So following factors will make difference to SWR operations for Long Distance Trains and Suburban Rail in Bangalore :

1.  ROB's / RUBs, 

2. Rakes like DEMU / MEMU / DEMU

3. Upgradation of  Signalling system in Bangaloe Division

4. Maintenance shed for above rakes type out side Bangalore

5. Pit Lines and Stabling lines for the above Rakes outside Bangalore

6. Doubling of Lottegolhalli - Hosur,  Yelahanka - Dodballapur, Yelahanka - Chikballapur.

With GOK making efforts in pushing Suburban Rail,  SPV formation now has to speed up.



Proposed ROB between Bangalore Cantonment - Baiyappanahalli stat

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Proposed of Road Over Bridge in lieu of LC.No.136A at Km.345/800-900 between Bangalore Cantonment - Baiyappanahalli stations in Bangalore - Jolapet section - Construction of Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall, subway and Road Work.(LC136A/Road)

Tender Value : Rs 7.21 Crore and 9 months for completion.,3


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Season tickets to students are issued for First & Second class upto the maximum distance of 150 Kms. The student monthly season tickets will be charged at half of the normal adult season ticket fare and student Quarterly Season tickets will be charged at 2.7 times of the Student MST fare. These MSTs/QSTs will be issued without any minimum charge to the students of recognized institutions under S. No. 4 and 4 (c) (8) of IRCA Coaching Tariff NO. 25, Part I (Vol. II) subject to the condition that the age of students, to whom the tickets are issued, should not exceed 25 years in the case of student in general, 27 years in the case of students belonging to the Scheduled Castes/Tribes and 35 years in the case of Research Scholars.

NOTE : Season tickets to students of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes shall be issued as under: -
(i) MSTs: On payment of 50% below the normal Student MST fares, and
(ii) QSTs: On payment of 2.7 times of the concessional fares of MSTs vide (i) above.

The facility of Free Monthly Season Tickets (MSTs) is available to Boy Students studying in classes upto 10th Standard and Girl students studying in classes upto 12th standard for commuting daily between the stations serving the place of residence and school. They carry the caption MILLENIUM GIFT FROM RAILWAYS. These free MSTs are issued subject to the following conditions: -

(1) Only MSTs are issued and QSTs are not issued.

(2) As in the case of concessional student MSTs, these are also issued upto maximum of 150 Kms.

(3) These are issued for second class only and are not valid for travel in any Mail/Express train, including superfast train.

(4) No other surcharge is levied on these MSTs (Even the CIDCO surcharge applicable on Central/Western Railway for travel on specific section in Mumbai area is not leviable)

(5) The free MSTs are issued subject to all other conditions applicable for issue of concessional MSTs to students.

(6) The concessional student MSTs/QSTs continue to be issued on demand as per rules.