CRS Publicity Posters in Kannada!

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Commuter Rail

Couple of praja members had requsted for CRS publicity posters. Here are 2 versions of CRS posters in Kannada. You all may feel free to use it for CRS publicity at workplace, apartment societies, Malls and public spaces. Please feel free to print, distribute and display at prominent locations.

Additional ideas, captions, designs are most welcome. If have one just drop me a PM or comment here.

To Download, Double Click On it. If any difficulty, contact me via a PM or a comment.



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Help needed for translation and new publicity material!

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Hope you all liked the Kannada posters. Feel free to download, print and display at your office/cafeteria.

We are looking for help with Kannada translation of few publicity documents, presentation, brochures etc. In addition we may need to create more documents in Kannada for distribution in towns.

Anybody who could help us on this?

Business Standard covering Namma Railu Campaign

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Thanks to Syed for the Handouts  and  its  published in Business Standard.

Faster and Farther



Correction in Kannada Poster

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Plesase correct the kannada poster in Contact information. It is kannada line under email id

It should be Namma Railu "Bekenni" Not "Beekenni"



I would like to help in translation...

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Syed, if there is any translation job, do please let me know.

I would be happy to do the same.



Prasad, Send me your email address!

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Thanks for the offer to help. Just dropped you a PM with my email address. Pls respond and will take this further. As I have said we definitely need help with creating publciity material in Kannada.