Bangalore needs commuter rail

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"Commuter rail more economically viable than the rapid-transit metro network'

“Commuter rails are designed to carry more people and they are more economically viable than the rapid-transit metro network now under construction,” he said. “But we need all of them. The city needs an integrated, multi-modal traffic management system that takes into account all modes of transport from public transport and trucks to cyclists and walkers"

 Bangalore's notorious traffic woes might be solved in large part by a robust commuter rail network, Chairman of the Centre for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transport and Urban Planning (CiSTUP) T.G. Sitharam believes.

Mr. Sitharam was speaking at a symposium on “Smart mobility and energy concepts in megacities,” organised by CiSTUP and the German National Academy of Science and Engineering on Thursday 

Nice to see that Prof Sitharam / CiSTUP  taking the project  forward and  its public should come forward now on this.



Petrol prices

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 Petrol prices have increased. Government can have a rethink on communter rail to provide cheaper and comfortable alternative for commuting and make people happy. At least for some time, people will be worried about increased cost of transport.

TOR is being updated, DPR

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Spoke with DULT on this last week, TOR is being updated, DPR will be sponsored by GoK. Welcome change in stance from the buck passing by earlier IDD dispensation. So first steps are being taken. Sloooowly

Seems good news atlast!

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Seems good news after a dull and long lull.


Massive step forward

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Too good. GREAT GOING guys .

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GREAT GOING . Wish to see now CRS running soon and hope to take it too .

Once started, need advt to commoners - to make it a grand success .





Extending existing passengers

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I had suggested to extend exising passenger trains terminating at city to across the city to other end. Like extending Bangarpet passenger to Kengeri or Ramnagar. So those passengers will serve as commuter rail for city users. This would reduce number of required new rakes, though rakes will be funded by state govt it will take longer time. Hope my suggestion is taken for consideration in this new study. Anyway congrats on the breakthrough!

Great news and progress..

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Thanks a lot for participating and sharing this news. Glad to hear that the KAR govt and SWR  have  starting looking into this matter. Hope that they finish the ground work at the earliest and start some services. Even if they are not able to finish the complete study for the long run, I suggest that some pilot runs covering the important sections and also peak hours can be started as soon as possible.

For E.g.

- Services between 8 AM to 11 AM and  5PM to 8PM

- They can start services across each link with a gap of 20 to 30 mins to start with.

- Also introduce feeder services from BMTC to each of the major stations.

I was wondering whether I will see the light of a commuter train for BLR. Now  I have some hope to hop into the same in the near future.

I tried to locate any news on the web in this regard. Did DULT/SWR issue any press notification? This will help to generate public awareness as well announce a committment from Govt and Railways.

Keep up the good work.. Pls let us know if we need to do anything from ourside..








Like extending Bangarpet

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Sattellite & connectivity

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 Navi Mumbai was a set of dead enclaves in the early 1990s, and grew only after the railway corridor came into existence.

 ...satellites such as Gurgaon and Navi Mumbai have stemmed migration, kept real estate prices in check in metropolitan centres and reshaped the lives of the urban middle class for the better. 

Satellite cities have to be built as connected cities,....

There is an imperative to plan for development of new townships/satellite towns around million-plus large cities. The satellite towns/ counter magnets should be spatially separated from the mother city.