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Koramangla Smartvote Announcement

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Are you disheartened from our current democratic process?

Do you want to see a change?

Do you want to contribute towards it and don't how to start?


Here is a chance! Come be a part of Koramangla Smartvotes



  1. To raise awareness among Koramangla residents about the role of BBMP and the corporator.
  2. Increase the voter turn-out for the BBMP elections
  3. Build a block vote to make the vote of people like you and us count.
  4. Create a ward committee which works closely with the corporator and holds him responsible.
  5. Elect a candidate who is credible, accountable and efficient.


How do we do it?

  1. Bio data of all the candidates will be sent to you. You will also be invited to hear all candidates publicly debate.
  2. In a pre-election poll you select the consensus candidate. On Feb 21st with the help of your vote the consensus candidate will become our corporator.
  3. A citizen’s council from all blocks will meet every month with elected corporator to ensure that promises are kept.


How you can help?

  1. The best way to help us is to become one of us. Give us your time. Be a part of the team!
  2. Fund Us
  3. Spread the word and help us reach our to more people.


For More Details:

Check out our website

Write to us at

Join us:


SMS to 9686074444

Send YES<space>Your Name to take part in pre-election poll( you can take part only if you are a resident of Koramangla)

Send VOLUNTEER<space>Your Name to know more via call back ( Join us even if you are not from Koramangla)


This is just a beginning.

Lets participate in our democracy!

Lets make our representatives responsible!


We need as many hands as we can get to make this a success. If this idea rings a bell then come be a part of it, any way you can.


P.S. This campaign does not represent any political party or person and is enabled by citizens' voluntary contributions in time, cash and kind.


On Behalf of Koramangla Smartvote Team.

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