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Upcoming elections

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Election Special

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Now we are going to face again a great election where we are again electing a corrupt politicaian,with lots of unfulfilled promises,folded hands,holding each and every bodies hand .shaking hands with common man,holding childrens of slum, wat all circuses they doooo my god. And again making his bank balance and land to grow more and develop himself. Our peoples also get cheated by the nice and good promisies by these corrupt politicians ..just think for few minutes ,just check who in this political leaders are corrupt free politicians from all u can find... Come on peoples just wake up and select and elect who can do some thing good to this state and city......plz by u logging a vote againist a corrupt candidates you your self boosting him 2 fatten his bank balance and land...and make his generations live long with any financial crisis where as the peoples who have voted for these politicians will be suffering frm,debt,loans,home loans,creditcards debt,mortage loand and so on so on even our childresns will also suffer our tension in thier studies ,bcoz whne parents are haapy childrens are also happy... So think twice when u me and all elect a represetative....bcoz wheno ur to ur door step u can see theese peoples ...never after he is elected u can see him not even to ur ward...only u can show him on tv news paper and say to other he had once come our door step..... Think ...think ...think.......and elect
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No Voters ID

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everybody, please vote!

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For a better and greener bengaluru, all civic conscious citizens of our city should come forward and vote.

Problem currently is those who dream of making a strong and vibrant Karnataka are not even considering voting leave alone contesting.

Those who are subject matter experts in Governance, Administration, development, infrastructure should all become an active part of our govt and such a situation looks near to impossible at this moment, but why not hope for better days.

We need a Kannada centric party with a vision to get our state onto the roads of development. I saw a blog recently talking about 20 most important things our next government should take on priority once it assumes office.:


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Who do you vote for?

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The dilemma before the educated voter today appears to be whether to vote for the best candidate, or to vote for either of the national parties in the hope that the victor between the two will provide a stable government. But, as things stand, the predictions are that no party is going to be getting an absolute majority. Besides, very clearly, there's not much to choose between the candidates put up by the two national parties (with perhaps some exceptions), and voting for either of them is clearly going to lead to a situation where you have an Assembly full of time-tried, mediocrity-pedalling, status-quoists, ready to offer themselves to be maneuvred by some opportunist party with a handful of MLAs, quite like in the earlier dispensation.

On the other hand, if you vote for the best candidate, you possibly can expect a strong watch-dog group within the Assembly, whatever shape the ruling combination takes. And, if by some quirk of fate, your candidate lands up in the ruling firmament, so much the better.

Is that a rational way of looking at things? I don't know.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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quick response... best candidate. i hate these pre-poll opinion polls. they have seeded the doubt of a hung assembly into the minds of the voter. they serve no other purpose. and they donot help in helping a voter cast an educated, self interest based, individual vote.
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Is it worth?

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Was returning home yest and saw many vans full of people from the villages being pulled in for listening to Modi's speech..and today there was a report in the paper that he addressed 6000 strong croud..

Is this all for getting politicians in the news? bigger the better? They would have spend lakhs on such meetings..why? so that they can make crores as they come to power?

If thats once case, we are seeing on the other end the guv's office hurridly clearing BMIC papers and allowing them to continue work..Deve Gowda was wrong in putting spanner in the works because of his vested interests..however such actions from the Guv's office doesnt set them apart from the politicians!

I was at the clover loop opening of NICE in 2006 and the ruling leaders were not there but DKS was there..shows the Congress Nexus?

Delhi decides to skip celebrating Pokhran blasts this year! why?

And they go about having roads tarred and pwd jobs starting now..where were all these  people all these years?

All this and more makes me more frustrated and not vote for any one..but I will still vote!

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Polling update

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I just voted and returned. The polling booths were fairly crowded and peaceful.

There was a lot of confusion. Some of the names are missing and some names are repeated. My father's name was there when we checked in the list (during march end). Now its missing! Instead, a name has appeared twice (in the same page) that seems to have replaced my father's name. Hence, my father couldn't vote. This was not an isolated case, there were many more who were struggling to search their names. Wrong adresses and spellings seems to be more common.


-- navshot
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Yes, it's worth!

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Yes, it's worth. Do click on

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Votes Cast amidst Confusion

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Why is it that we want to create disorder & confusion just about everywhere when a little common-sense can streamline & make things better for everyone ?

We went to cast votes early enough to beat the anticipated rush. We were ushered to a counter that was manned by an operator with an on-line laptop. There was'nt any queue, & each one was trying to push his way through to get it over with. The operator did not seem proficient with the laptop either & was wasting time trying to trace name/s on the on-line electoral list for person/s not enrolled (with old /outdated Voter Id Cards) whilst the rest stood by.

Finally, I decided that it might be better to visit one of the manual counters. Upon reaching the manual counter, we were again asked to return to the 'automated' counter as we had new Voter Ids & our names were 'sure to be there', & it would be 'much quicker' (!).

By then the crowd had grown somewhat at the 'laptop counter', but since we were taken there by another attendant, we managed to get some priority & tickets were issued in seconds.

I told the attendant/s there to get people to follow a queue & only when he was sure that the person's name would be 'on-line', must he accept people on the queue. His reply was - "Elections alli yaavagalu confusion irruthe" (There's always confusion during elections).

I would go several steps further & say that it's not just the elections, it's just about anywhere, everywhere, anytime & all the time :) comment guidelines

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