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Bangalore Metro Alignment On CMH Road?

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Elevated is better in terms of cost

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Underground metro construction is very expensive as much as 5-6 times as that of elevated construction and at the same time consuming. For the same money, we can have long distance elevated metro.
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Going through residential or commercial area ...

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is better than going over OMR. That will lead to better usage, I dont want to get down at OMR and then rely on BMTC or auto to get to CMH road shops, or Indiranagar houses. Also, OMR is wider and can be widened more. OMR is meant for long distance vehicles/traffic, CMH is for intra-city traffic. CMH underground would probably be best, as it keeps the sulking shopkeepers (most of whom have been so insensitive to public so far - as far as parking and pavements go) happy as well. But that'd be expensive as Vasanth says.
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totally agree with SB on OMR. the metro is to be layed not for naam ka vaste. it has to go where there is need. CMH road is both a natural sink and source of traffic. one estimate i saw was that ridership would fall 20% in the area if it were shifted to OMR. that is significant. SB again makes a very very valid about OMR being an important artery. have to look at the actual numbers but if my memory serves right there are about 28+11 properties that will either be fully or partially affected on CMH road. CMH road has close to 2000 properties. U/G is not only costly but will also delay the project.
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no money for underground?

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We are talking of 1 Billion $ for our airport ride..we can raise money! My thought of CMH is that it does not really qualify as 'central business dist' for a underground choice! MG road itself could have been made underground..unfortunately its not! Cess on cars/vehicles/petrol can contribute for the underground cause!
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CMH road

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blrsri, BMRC has to go to the state state and centre for finance, permissions and approvals. it will be very useful if BMRC can come up with renders for CMH road to show how they think it will look like just like they have done for MG road.
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CMH Road

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It makes sense to go underground , make the entire stretch of CMH road from the 100 ft road junction to the Ulsoor junction - traffic free and make the entire road a shopping/recreation hub. Of course this will be expensive but these days raising money is not an issue.
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Metro at CMH Road

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I'd vote for Metro going u/g at CMH road. Cost is not such a big issue, as someone said, we are looking at a US$ 1 Billion for the BIAL connection, why not spend some money in laying these tracks below CMH Road. Actually, if they were visionary, the metro would have gone u/g right upto end of Indiranagar. Well, it may be too late for that. Look at the chaos in MG Road now, with the Metro work in progress. Just imagine how its gonna be once this work starts at Ulsoor and moves towards CMH.. God, it will be a nightmare for road users. The smart thing would be to go u/g... also towards other areas like Rajajinagar, Mysore road etc., where the road situation is already a huge mess. With the amount of money wasted under pretexts by our senseless netas and babus, it would be worth spending more for something worthwhile like an u/g metro, which would not disturb/worsen the mess above ground and we would end up with something really aesthetic.


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traffic profile of CMH

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can somebody make a note on the traffic profile on CMH road. obviously there are people going to shop, eat out, etc etc... can anybody tell what other type of traffic goes through road? if CMH road becomes like brigade road, is it ok traffic wise? (officially, CMH road will be 2 lanes bi-directional for some part and 4 lane bi-directional for the rest.) comment guidelines

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