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Poll: The airport exclusive train should start from ...

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41% (24 votes)
M G Road
36% (21 votes)
Cantonment Railway Station
22% (13 votes)
Total votes: 58


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N-S and E-W Metro routes meet here. will provide good air/train interconnect. The planners seem to have assumed that train and air crowds are different, one identifies with M G Road, another with Majestic. And, they don't want the 'two' crowds to intermix. This may be a good theory for now, but not a good one in the long run. With time, and if Bangalore de-congests well into peripheral or nearby towns and cities, BIAL would be used a lot by travelers from Tumkur/Hassan/Mysore and closer peripheral towns like Bidadi/Sarjapur etc. You would want them to come to the city railway station, and the change into the BIAL train.
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sounds good

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But few days ago during deepavali there was a mad rush to reach majestic that the traffic had jammed from hudson circle onwards on KG road..probably having this at majestic will make it all the more crowded and more difficult to reach and get out! But otherwise if they sort the traffic issues this seems to be a good option since as the deal that BIAL has says that there cannot be another functional airport in a radius of 150kms from bial..this would mean that the connectivity also needs to cater to it..we can then have stops at cantonment and blr east and make the train more superfast commuter rail types.. Btw does anyone know the debate the Resp. Guv had with officials before deciding on MG road?
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Haste makes waste

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The speed with which decisions are being taken is scary. The effects of these decisions are going to stay with us for the next 20 years. I wish they would take a month to do this. Why MG Road? Isn't that place in a bloody mess as it is? The report said that the traffic would increase by only 10-12%. Given that MG Road is already operating at probably 2 or 3 times it's intended volumes, this is not going to help. At the end of the day MG Road might be the right decision, but the lack of transparency does not help. Why do we need the elevated train. Even HK's Airport Express is not elevated for its full length. Srivathsa

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