Namma Metro - BMTC Connectivity Reach 3 to Reach 1

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Metro Rail
MG Road to Swastik BMTC route
Swastik to MG Road BMTC Route

Reach 3 would be starting services soon, we need to study a plan and share the same with BMTC and BMRC.

BMRC can also provide free service for 7km from MG Road -> Majestic - Railway Station -> Swastik Station.

I am attaching to and fro routes.


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should we target connecting at all?

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Probably a study of travel patterns can give us an idea of the actual need for the feeder routes. 

I think for reach 3 connectivity from majestic is a must..connectivity to Mg road area via Nrupatunga road or through Cubbon park could be useful too..

So dont think that its necessary the busses need to connect reach 1 and reach 3..

BMTC has withdrawn its feeder

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BMTC has withdrawn its feeder service from Mantri Mall to Majestic, which means many long distance commuters are inconvenienced. Passengers are left in the middle of nowhere as they alight at the Mantri Square station.

The situation is  similar at Peenya Industry Metro Station, as commuters get off  and try to reach their homes or workplaces off Tumkur road. There are no separate feeder services available here as well. The auto drivers of Bangalore are the biggest beneficiaries in a scenario like this. comment guidelines

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