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Transformer too close to the House

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Hi Sir,

My name is Tina. I was part of the Civic Awareness and Social Responsibilities Credit Course class that you took in Mount Carmel College.

My uncle's house is under construction. Right next to it, there is a transformer that has been put up, which is almost touching his wall.

He asked BESCOM to help and shift this transformer to a different place. They are asking him to pay an amount of 4lakhs. 

What can be done now? Do we agree to pay?


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I think it's a game

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@ Tina  -  Yes, I do recall you as amongst the active participants during my talk at your college.

Now, in my understanding, if a transformer is obstructing the movement to and from a house/ establishment adjoining it, it is the duty of BESCOM to shift it out of the way, at their cost. So, if somebody is asking you money for it (and, that too, Rs 4 lakhs), I think he is playing games.

At what level was this? Why don't you escalate the matter to the next level. The names and contact particulars of BESCOM officials may be accessed here.

If you find the higher level official also talking the same language, ask him where it says so in their manual. If it's a bluff, it'll come out then. Do post the developments here (on PRAJA) with the names of the officers. The BESCOM MD looks in here once in a while, and if any misdeed comes to his notice, you can rest assured he'll take action.

Simultaneously, submit on official application for the transfer, and get an acknowledgement. You can then follow up on that through RTI.

Muralidhar Rao
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Transformer shifting

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Dear Murali sir,

You have given the right advice. For any grievance, consumer need to contact us (BESCOM) first, rather approaching any other forum. I think public don't approach us directly, due to lack of credibility of public institutions!

They can contact BESCOM thru phone or email/fax or addressing letter to the 'GM, Customer Relations, BESCOM, KR circle.

Regarding transformer shifting, BESCOM does not entertain any application. 'Status quo' is maintained. Shifting is possible only in 3 cases:

1. Other government agency requests in public interest. They need to bear the cost of shifting.

2. The current location is hazardous and unsafe in the opinion of the local BESCOM Executive Engineer. Cost is born by BESCOM under emergency grants. As emergency funds are less, such cases are taken up only in rare circumstance. ('inconvenience' is not a reason, unless there is a accepted alternate location is available)

3. Personal request, provided, an alternative location is shown, along with NoC from the immediate neighbors, and cost is borne by the person requesting.

BESCOM gets so many requests for shifting of transformers. We apply the above rule strictly, with no exceptions! Nobody wants to have the transformer near the house. The issue is complicated by the additional cost and technical issues involved in shifting. There is digging of road and laying of cables. Hence, transformer shfting is a rare activity.

Hope the above information helps. For more info, kindly contact BESCOM. (080-22873333).




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fair enough, Sir

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Thank you very much, Mr Manivannan. What you have stated appears quite fair.

Muralidhar Rao
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The larger question should

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The larger question should be:
Aren't utilities provided right-of-way and small common areas so that junction boxes, transformers etc. can be located away from the houses? The aesthetics of the residential street will not be "spoilt" nor will potential higher electromagnetic effects affect residents.  If transformers are pole-mounted, perhaps they can be mounted on higher-than-normal poles and/or the size of the transformers could be reduced to the smallest size possible. 
If transformers are in front of approved multi-storied apartments or buildings, an electrical cess should be included in the permit process that allows for shifting utilities.  Unfortunately, all this boils down to master-planning and coordinating between different service providers and utilities that is not widely prevalent.

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High up is a good option,

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High up is a good option, especialy the single pole ones. Maybe the engineers are used to handling transformers on foot over the years, but now vehicles with ladders are not a premium for BESCOM

There was also apparently a PIL on this per

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size matters?

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the 110 v tformers seem to be small in size and guess thats the reason they are mounted high up in US and other countries..

our tformers are huge and heavy and most times need support from the ground up..guess thats why they are 'grounded'!

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underground transformers

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underground transformers could be an option too. but this is more expensive and all the cabling needs to be moved underground too!

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overhead transformers

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The objective is to make footpath obstruction free. Underground will cause maintenance problems during rains. So let the transformer be mounted above 10 feet height - So that people can walk freely below.

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voltage is not the determinant

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@ Srinidhi  -  Between 230V and 110V ratings, they hardly make for any difference in the weight or size of a transformer. What determine these are the overall KVA rating. With distribution transformer manufacture still largely in the SSI sector, or in the public sector (example KAVIKA in Karnataka), both of whom are happy flogging pre-historic, bulky designs (check this), the maximum capacity that can possibly be mounted on a single pole installation would be a 100 KVA, I guess, which can at best cater to some three medium sized houses. With modern, compact designs, it should be possible to mount even upto 250 KVA transformers. They make them in the country, but largely for exports.

Muralidhar Rao
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100 kVA is only 3 houses?

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Murali sir,

100 kVA is only three houses?  100 kVA is what about 80 kW assuming a power factor of 0.8.  So that could be 16 houses, Assuming that there is some spare capacity allotted, it could be what some 10 houses?

Our transformer designs are all tragic.  With better engineering and design, it should definitely possible to make them better and more compact.

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my mistake

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@ SanjayV   -   That was a lay comment, without much thinking, from somebody who was part of the industry once - my apologies. You are right, it should ordinarily be 16 houses. But, it is an acknowledged fact that transformers (particularly distribution transformers, considering that the purchasers are Elecy Boards) are under-designed to cut costs (corners), and consequently will fail if loaded even upto 60% capacity. So, in effect, you can service may be 10 houses.

Muralidhar Rao
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@ Murali sir about 100 kVA

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Dear Murali sir,

No worries about the mistake.  I remembered that you were in the business... so I was wondering if the number is actually accurate in terms of actual practice.  I also did a quick claculation for the apt complex I stay in.  Our capacity is about 2 times the total sanctioned load.  Maybe to account for the cheap transofrmers :-)

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Manivannan Sir,

     This is just a suggestion.


I tried lodging a complaint through BESCOM's website ( Though I was successful after many attempts, it does not give us any complaint number or reference number. It just says your query/complaint has been recorded.

In this case, how does one follow up with BESCOM if one doesnot have a complaint number?

Request you to please look into it.



Best wishes



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Contacting MD, BESCOM

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Dear Guru and others,


I do not visit this site regularly. Hence, kindly avoid addressing me in this site. If you need to write to MD, BESCOM, visit BESCOM site or email me:

I would request those who are interested in discussing issues with BESCOM till September 15th, by which our website will be renovated and have page for customer discussion.

Also BESCOM participatory Councils, (BPC) will be initiated by November 1st. Advertisements inviting appilicatiosn may come in the month of September. It has got delayed as the members of the Apex BPC committee could not come to consensus regarding the BPC.


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