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Alert - Lake being filled at B Narayanapura, Mahadevapura

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I see that one of the lakes adjoining the outer ring road-Mahadevapura, is being filled with the debris coming from the nearby flyover construction. This lake is in B Narayanapura, just bang on the side of the outer ring road. Daily, truck load of debris from the near by flyover construction site (at Mahadevapura junction) is being dumped into this lake.

They have already covered one lake and started dumping in another one now.

Is there anyway to bring this to the notice of the Lake development authority?

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Id mentioned here

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Id mentioned here is but the domain is in a pending delete status. I dont think the id will work. You should write to the BBMP & Lokayukta also.

Maybe we can arrange a meeting with LDA folks to generally go over their plans & pains and also use this opportunity to see where citizens can help in vigilance, awareness campaigns etc. Madivala lake is going to be encircled by cycle tracks, presense of people around lakes & usage of the lakes actively will deter people from misusing it since theres isnt an auhority policing these daily. We can take up jogging/cycle tracks & playground/activity spots around all of these lakes. Maybe make a proposal for the same after physical visits. 

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take video

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Take video or photos in your mobile and transfer it to computer which will later serve as evidence if it goes to court.

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mobilise the local community

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The High Court has got tough in the matter - check this. Do get the local association to send out petitions by regd post to BBMP/ BDA/ LDA to have the lake protected, citing the court order. And more importantly, as IDS has stated, the local community needs to get into action mode.

Muralidhar Rao
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Try these and let us know if

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Try these and let us know if it wrks

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