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Disciplined Drivers Club - Pledge

Commit to these safe and responsible lane driving promises, we will trust you to regulate yourself, and mail you a bumper sticker that you can use to tell the world that you are a safe driver from the Disciplined Driver's Club!

The Pledge
I will not be selfish and drive on the wrong side of the road or squeeze into gaps to get ahead of the queue of vehicles waiting before me.
I will not depart from my lane when I approach a signal but will continue to remain in my lane even if I see gaps on the sides and in between. If my being in a lane at the signal obstructs straight through traffic I will move with the flow and take the next turn instead of blocking traffic behind.
I will not blindly follow the car in front and straddle lanes but will leave sufficient gap to be able to see the lane markings on the road and stick to my lane.
When switching lanes I will use indicators to ensure the person in the lane I am going to is aware I am coming in and gives way for me to move in.
I will pay attention to signs & direction boards on the road/roadsides and follow the information on it including adhering to speed limit signboards/information posted where available.
At an intersection if there is no space in my lane on the other side of the intersection. I will not move ahead and block the intersection even if the light is green for me
I will stop and give way for pedestrians and cyclists and will not block or stop on pedestrian crossings
If I violate any of the above I agree to voluntarily get rid of the disciplined drivers club sticker so as not to bring disrepute to the club.
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