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Talk on "An Introduction to Sustainable Development"

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5 Sep 2010 17:00
5 Sep 2010 19:00

 "Development" is a word that is deeply entrenched into the consciousness of an average human being these days. Elections are fought and lost on this platform and the society is fascinated by it. Yet, there is very little discussion on socially responsible development and the relevance of a holistic approach. In an effort to improve awareness on this most relevant subject, NECAB plans to organise a talk on this subject titled "An Introduction to Sustainable Development". Shri Jayaraj, a teacher and research student at the London School of Economics will lead the discussion.


Details of the event:

Location - ECA Auditorium on the ground floor. ECA is on the 100ft road, Indira Nagar.

Date and time - 05 - Sep - 10, at 5:00 PM. Estimated duration is 2 hours.


Brief about Jayaraj.


Jayaraj is Founder member and Director- Centre for Environment Architecture and Human Settlements (C-Earth), Kerala, India. C-Earth is a private sector consultancy and advocacy organisation working

In the areas of Urban design, Planning, Architecture, Housing and regeneration, Urban Conservation, Eco-tourism strategies etc. Clients include public, private and NGO sectors.


Jayaraj is currently pursuing his PhD in Urban and Regional Planning Studies from London School of Economics. His research aims to explain the relationship between land use change and planning process in the city of Bangalore looking at the Land use planning process and implementation of Land use regulations. He is an architect and is currently a faculty at the LSE. Jayaraj is involved in many interesting projects like Policy development, Pre-application design development negotiations, and development control.  He has just completed an evidence based assessment for tall buildings in regeneration areas to support the core strategy. Back home he recently won an award for being the best farmer for introducing some new techniques in cultivation of paddy.


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Thanks Will be attending

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The topic looks interesting. I will be there, the venue being a stones throw from my place. My question:-  How can any development be sustainable unless it stops some where on the line or degenerates at the same rate that it does develop? comment guidelines

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