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Compound wall crack due to neighbour' s borewell digging - issued resolved

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Crack in the compound wall issue seems to be resolved, temporarily.

Other RTI + Lok Ayuktha files, will have be be followed up in due course.

Another huge grey area seems to be that very few citizens are aware of permissions that are / are not needed before a borewell can be sunk. The 'consultant's digging the borewell of course make all the rules up...!


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excellent, so you used the borewell angle?

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Looks like you used the borewell angle to attack this one. Since you didn't mention your location, I was not sure if borewells are allowed in your area without permission of BWSSB or not.

Nov 2009 was when BWSSB last announced that borewells wouldn't be allowed in certain areas without their permission. Not sure about the current status of that announcement. Enlighten if you figured something nice.

And hey, please, try bring back the original post, and provide trail via comments. Leaves a nice log for others to read and emulate :)

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BBMP has data on borewells...but as always we need to dig it out!

The message functions seem to be hiccoughing - I will PM you

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