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Bridge to Nowhere ! Hope now.

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 Hi Guys,

I have sent a mail along with the attached photograph of Kadugodi flyover to our CM.

The same has been forwarded by him to BMP. I am hoping things may finally turn ourside now.

Cant forget to mention; It was a plesant surprise that our concern was acknowledged within three days.


Here is the picasa link -







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Bangalore East Connectivity

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Does' nt  this solve 30% of the issue of bangalore East Connectivity mentioned by Vasanth?



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Bridge to nowhere

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Courtesy of "Citizen Matters Bangalore"


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i feel that this matter needs

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i feel that this matter needs media's attention.

I have sent photographs to TOI: civic problem; on 14th, not published yet.

Mails to other newspapers will certainly help ....




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Grab Attention

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Hi All,

below are the contacts of various newspapers, if we all send mails it will certainly grab their attention.

It will take about 2mins vs 10-15mins at crossing ! - Times of india  - deccan choronicle - deccan herald  - the hindu  - Indian Express - TV9 [delivery failed !!!]

If anyone has Emails id of local Govt bodies please share...

You may please enter/find more information at picassa link -

Thanks !


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More hands needed

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Thanks Laskhmikala. I did the same about two weeks back and the result was similar.

Despite bringing to CM attention there is no movement yet.

The funny part is that I again replied to CM response asking BMP to share the time needed to complete this project, however, BMP did not respond instead of that CM's Standard response came "for necessary action".

Venkatesh idea is superb, though I am not sure if any of us would climb the bridge. But we have easier choice here;

If you will send similar mails to Honourable Chief Minister and more importantly to newspapers, things will change sooner !

FYI:Last week I received a call from a Reporter from The Hindu.

here is the copy of mail I sent to all email ids shared in my previous comment;

Construction of the flyover at Whitefield Sai Baba Ashram was  scheduled  to be completed  by March 2008 .  More than one and half years, later it continues to hang fire.  Chunks of concrete have started falling apart endangering the lives of thousands of pedestrians  and other commuters, besides forcing the vehicles to take a circuitous route resulting in wastage of time and money.  A national loss, of course.  The issue has been taken up with the Chief Minister and BMP bigwigs.  All in vain.  Peaceful methods do not seem to resolve issues in our country.  Responsible media alone sustains hope.      



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Citizen bailout

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I dont think it is advisable for the citizens to be bailing out this contractor. Instead they should arrange a meeting with IR/SWR and impress upon them to cancel the contract and award it to somebody else. I dont know what the CM's office will do if railways have awarded the contract without checking the capabilities of the contractor. You can talk to BBMP commissioner & traffic police to take their help to put pressure on IR/SWR. Maybe write to KH Muniyappa as well. comment guidelines

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