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Saving Water using a "FOOT TAP"

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Ever wondered how, we, the average Indian can contribute to conserving precious potable water?

This question goaded a group of us to identify and address a common problem with a simple solution.

We, as many others, realised that a major wastage point was the ordinary sink tap. Due to our inability to constantly operate the tap, we are forced to waste a lot of water. (For the dis-believers, the next time you wash, brush or shave at the sink, if your hand is not touching the water, then it is being wasted.)

Without going into quantities and statistics but believing that every drop has to be saved, we developed a very economical, robust, easy to install and use Foot operated tap.

After installing it in our own homes, we realised that saving water is so addictive and so gratifying that we wanted to share it with more like minded, eco-concious citizens.

As the word spread and the enthusiasm grew, We were enthused to make more of  these on a very small, non-commercial scale.

For those of you who dont have big bucks but yet want to feel the warm glow inside, join us at comment guidelines

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