Mobilicity 2009

  • Project code name: Mobilicity
  • Objective: Organize a grounds-up, unique format event to discuss sustainable transportation for Bangalore
  • Organizers: Some volunteer members from Praja, with help and support from CiSTUP
  • Date and Venue: Nov 21 '09, CiSTUP, IISc

Idea is to organize a unique event with barcamp (loosely structured - people driven), as well seminar type (some predefined content, and speakers) sections to do prescriptive group-think and spread awareness about sustainable transportation in the city. Another tangential objective is to promote goal-oriented discussion amongst city's civil society.

The project has 4 sub-tracks, each with separate teams and workplan to address four main aspects of this event.

  1. Finances - manage event budhet and account, sign up sponsors
  2. D-day - workshop day logistics
  3. Publicity/Outreach - sign up partners and and reach out to potential participants
  4. Content - organize speakers and plan structured sesions for the seminar-section of the workshop

Above 4 teams are already in place and have done the groundwork. We have more details on google documents, and a separate email list for the project. As things get final enough for sharing with all, we will be uploading it all to this project. Meanwhile, if you want to pitch in and help shape and organize this, please join this project. More the volunteers, lesser the workload on each of us.

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