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Organising an Event on Sustainable Transport

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Public Transport

Transport systems have significant impacts on the environment, accounting for between 20% and 25% of world energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. There is a broad concern that the current transportation and infrastructure trends in the city are not sustainable in the future.

Some of us at Praja are organizing an event (tentatively called MOBILICITY) along with CiSTUP to set the stage for greater awareness amongst Bangalore's citizens for the need for looking at the issue as one of mobility & reclaiming public spaces, rather than just transport, and discussing a likely framework for assessing  transport policies in the context of climate change and rapid urbanization. Pedestrianization, public transport, cycling, road design are some of the issues we would like to examine.


Tentative Date: November 14/21, 2009. (to be confirmed)

Time: 9:30am - 5pm
Venue: J N Tata Auditorium, IISc, Bangalore

  1. A grounds-up event to discuss and propose solutions for sustainable transportation in Bangalore

  2. Spread awareness about sustainable transportation solutions amongst aware and concerned citizens of Bangalore

  3. Promote goal oriented discussion in civil society

  4. Assess the gaps in current mobility projects and plans of the city

  5. Review/Critique a few active projects being proposed or executed by BBMP/BDA etc

  6. Review some new policies being proposed by DULT/ABIDe/CiSTUP etc


  1. Round table discussions- there will be presentations of 20 minutes each which will be followed by a 20 mins of moderated interaction

  2. (BarCamp style) Unmoderated presentations & discussions

  3. Exhibitions

  4. Screening of documentary films -  on the theme of sustainability. These Will be screened, as repeats, all day.

  5. Outdoor/Street event - (Following day) Morning culture walk through Bangalore followed by breakfast. We would specifically invite our CM, road transport minister, chair of BDA, BBMP, KSRTC, etc to take this walk.


Round tables 12 round table sessions, of 3 types. Each sessions will moderated by field experts, professors, designers and prominent citizen. At least 4 of 12 should be Kannada language sessions

  • Type 1 - Policy presentations from technocrats or academicians covering areas like Transport policy and design, environment/climate change (related to transportation), design of public spaces and best practices

  • Type 2 - Debates or pair-presentations. Get related people to talk on select themes

  • Type 3 - Moderated talks from prominent citizens and NGOs (outside the government). Topics for this track will be picked via a survey done on email/website


  • An Open Space but fixed Time-Slots will be reserved for these “soap-box” type discussions

  • Any participant can reserve a slot on first come first serve basis.

  • We will create a platform for Colleges,Companies, Groups to showcase their ideas/work/technology on sustainable transport.

  • Artists will be encouraged to be a part of this event and spread the message of sustainable living and reclaiming public spaces through Street Plays, Paintings etc.


  • By students /designers /architects / industry of designs related to the theme

  • Booth/Space for sponsors

  • Space for organizers


Outdoor/Street event

  • Street event to highlight certain specific problems in transportation space


How you can participate

If you are interested in being a part of this event please feel free to send me a message or call me at 9611115671. We require help in

  • Sponsorship

  • Media

  • Publicity

  • Design

  • Finalizing and Inviting the speakers

  • Website

But first we need to find a good name and we need it immediately.Please send your suggestions to



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Name for the new initiative: CityTran!

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Efficient transportation and a clean environment seem to be antithetical and at cross purposes.

Plenty of information at these sites:

Just back from Singapore: I noticed they have billboards stating that travel on the metro resulted in an average of half the carbon footprint of travel by car. See:

Choose your mode of transport wisely. An average new car generates 160g/km of CO2 per passenger, a plane 100 to 250g/km, a bus 40 to 80g/km and a train 40 to 160g/km.

Take the train whenever possible. A lone car driver generates three times more CO2 per kilometre than if he was on the train. If going by car, take as many passengers as possible to average out the CO2 emissions.

  Go Green Go CityTran!

Perhaps this slogan will encourage citizens to use public Transport more often. 

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Hi Shekhar

My two paise name for your multi utility movement - 



- hope it gells with  transport problems for which bengaluru is well known. you may consider deleting either my or city or pub but transport is necessary.

- vasanth mysoremath

Track this event via this project, and we need help

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Event details have changed a bit frm this early proposal note, please follow the organization work on this project:

We need more volunteers - do join in and help, just a month to go now. comment guidelines

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