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Are linguistic states a costly mistake?

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Babloo Sant a 76 year old lady gave a lecture arranged by “SCEP” [Senior Citizens Enrichment Programme]an Indiranagar Senior Citizen initiative. The lecture happened to be a nostalgia Chronicle of Indian morality, Babu raj and British Raj. Babloo Mehta became Babloo Sant after her Marriage to a Sant. She was of the Mehta Family a grand daughter of a Police officer in the British Raj era. The family had Raibahadur and Rai Sahibs in the British raj. Her Grand father retired as a head of CBI. He was an accomplished Tennis player and a Lawyer by qualification. He Shiv Charan Das Mehta was 6’2’’ tall and very fair and handsome. He joined the Police force as a sub inspector. As a police officer the general view was good salary and extra ‘bribe’ income. They were in seventh Heaven. Home town posting was taboo. He tried home town for some time with no promotion prospect. He changed his stance later to move around the country a lot. Had a big family of 6 children and two parents to look after. Indians were known to have too many children. British thought that Grand Father enjoyed a great life style. They had to learn western culture of knife and fork, have a changed life style, with huge house servants and the like. 

  1. Parties with Governors and gentry
  2. Official dress
  3. garden parties
  4. Training to learn British etiquette
  5. Tennis parties
  6. Enid Blight style dinners
  7. Grand Ma was her self in spite
  8. Grand Ma Learnt to be an expert Bridge Player
  9. Became like English Gentry but were still Indians at heart
  10. Love for Hindi
  11. British were the common enemy
  12. The common enemy was the rallying point for Independence 

Punjabis are very good hosts. Bablloo Sant a punjabi, had a roaring public school in Bombay in her hay days, which had Dawood Ibrahim Children. No problem with Muslim students. They even enjoyed vande mataram! Babloo was the principal looking into administration and directing the school. A History honors degree holder, she believed in bringing out talent with trust building expert interaction. Speak with heart which will be heard, to encourage personality building. What comes out of heart to heart interaction cannot be matched with authoritative expert talk. Even though black Hindus have no status in Catholic schools they flocked to these for the education which has no color. Belonging to different religion, language, sects, social status etc is a mind set. This mind set was in no way a hindrance against the threat of a common enemy the British Governament. 

Goodness has no barriers. The responsibility to integrate our country lies with us. The responsibility of integration while migrating lies with those migrating to some body else’s land. The problem of Indians in Australia facing the countries wrath by the act of their urinating in Public Park is an example. In India the Division of the country into linguistic states appears to be a costly mistake. Especially so because of the absence of the previous common enemy the British Governament.


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National Integration

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Dear PSA,

I agree with you when you say 'division of country into linguistic states was a mistake' - I would even go to the extent of saying it was the biggest blunder of our generation. I actually believe dividing the world into different nations with the attendent "yours" and "mine" attitude is itself mankind's biggest mistake. It is truly our very mindset on this issue that one needs to be constantly aware of.

What a wonderful world it would be if we just were not affected by colour of skin, language spoken, cast creed and had no passports required to travel! The other extreme of the spectrum is the Raj Thackeray kind of politics which further divides a State into linguistic chauvanism!

Again, to quote Jiddu Krishnamurti - "we are the world and the world is us". Human consciousness cannot be subdivided into countries, colour of skin, language spoken and cast / creed / religeous divisions.

And yet sporadic Mysore happens! When will humankind learn to hang their head in shame when they kill other human beings in the name of one belief or the other?




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Beautiful thoughts - Let us go one step forward into the World..

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Chari Sir and all Prajas,

My take - while appreciating the holistic thoughts on a regional basis, let us try to make a futuristic journey  into a world that is being threatened with a pall of gloom due to irrational behaviors by our brother and sisters -

Why human beings hate each other? 

Why there is no rational thinking? 

Why they are so much influenced by -isms?

Why some are spending huge amounts on MDW?  Is it to cut short and save on costly weponry irrespective of loss of human beings and their hard earned belongings?

Why can't we have a borderless world?

why can't we share the finite natural resources in an equitable manner for betterment of living conditions of the impoverished poor people who have not been able to reap the benefits of the civilisation over centuries?

Why there is supression  of a section of mankind (poor) on various counts and for what purpose?

Rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer?  Nearly 30 per cent of food produced in America gets into garbage bins whereas, poor people are languishing for one meal a day - Is there no humanitarian consideration?

why there is no social justification and why resources are being over exploited for creating more and more luxury and comfort FMCGs that spew GHGs through uninterrupted industrialisation, liberalisation, globalisation ?

Even after 9/11, 26/11, Aila, El-Neno, Tsunamis, climate change, global warming, global dimming,  why people have not learnt the basic  lessons that we are living in a very delicate earth that is prone to destruction within seconds due to nature's fury against which we are waging destructive war every second?

The list is long.... and I can go on with other human values added but...suffice it to say that the narcissism of discontent and degradation of human values are taking us to the brink of eternal disaster.  

- It is never too late. 


- Otherwise, our future generations will be more reckless and destructive in their search for a glass of water.

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

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The math connection

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 Mathematics is a dry subject to the uninitiated or not mathematically oriented / inclined person. I was surprised to realize that Integration is an important function in Mathematics too. The opposite is differentiation both in Mathematics and in social science. (PRAJA context) 

Why math here in Praja? When the “differentiation” is zero in a graph (society) that graph (society) is either at its peak or low. After one, either the high or low, the other has to follow. Suffice to say when population explodes to cross the limits of the planet earth it has to turn around to reach its low, at the best. The worst could be the dooms day itself if people are not careful enough.  

Similarly at the low population point will we be at a reverse situation, a mirror image of the peak? Can the human race learn to perpetuate itself smoothly, in harmony? Why is Linguistic Division of  Indian States  wrong? The answer is you are differentiating the minority (Language minority). The differential is not zero. I am not happy still with my own analysis. IDS, Yajamanre any help? comment guidelines

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