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Live on BTIS website

Has anyone tried watching BTIS Live at various times of the day? Some days, I noticed reds and yellows even at midnight hours. Can't just sit and observer, may be a program to "get" the image and save it every 30 minutes will do it :)

Flyovers - Thank God the ‘truth’ is out!

Ah, was I glad to see major newspapers talk negative about flyovers last month!! The irony is that these folks are responsible for building the hype around the ‘f’ word. Anyways, good. We finally realize these things are not the panacea. Yeah they aren’t, and I'll tell you why.

By the way, its not just the mainstream media, Union urban development ministry too has the right language now. Did you read this last week:

No, Mono isn't dead yet

Metro RailTraffic

It might be the one legged cousin of super glamorous Metro. But the Mono project isn't dead if you thought so based on recent lack of news and updates on it. The Hindu reported that BMRC is close to making the call on picking a consultant for Mono. As expected, newspapers have more meat than BMRC website itself. However, BMRC has this cryptic sounding note on their news page right now:

Non-stop to San Francisco, finally!

Air India logo

Read today that Air India is planning a non-stop Bangalore - SFO connection. Cool! Long pending, this thing was. I have always wondered why Jet or Air India haven't tried to eat into all the money Lufthansa, Singapore, British etc are making on Bangalore - US West Coast routes. I bet once KingFisher gets its permit to fly abroad, we'd have another BLR-SFO direct.


How about this to prevent people from randomly cutting lanes? really cool that they are trying it out on the streets, but I have a sneaky suspicion that people are not cutting there bcoz of the camera man. ;)

BMTC to introduce e-purse

We have been hearing about using smart cards for ticketing on BMTC buses and looks like there is some progress on that front. This TOI report says that things are being sorted out with all involved parties to introduce smart cards.

Future of Silk board junction


Who isn't excited about Hosur Road elevated expressway? While I too am looking forward to completion of this project - they say its on track and moving well - I do think that this thing will make managing traffic around silk board junction a bit tough.

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Bangalore Master Plan 2015

You must be reading about the Bangalore Master Plan in newspapers everyday. Land use regulations, new areas open for development, new FAR ratios etc etc.

The BTIS thingie from BTRAC

Bangalore Police inserted half page ads in papers today* saying they have fulfilled their early promises made via BTRAC. While let us reserve the judgment on that claim, they have been talking good stuff, giving us good previews of what they could do if they get serious about things. comment guidelines

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