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Does Mysore need to plan for a Monorail?

TOI reported that..


Mysore: After a workable airport, the city is getting ready for monorail. The Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) has appointed an agency to conduct a feasibility study for monorail. The survey will be completed in three months. The idea is to link tourist places like Brindavan Gardens in Krishnarajsagar, Srirangapatna and Nanjangud.
The monorail, at stretches, will run along the proposed Peripheral Road, sources told The Times Of India. The officials are trying to overcome the problems being faced in implementation of the Metro rail project in Bangalore. The administrators are proposing to reserve the land to overcome the Bangalore-like situation. With the land prices going through the roof, they are seeking to earmark the land at the earliest.


TOI reported few days ago that MUDA is planning for monorail. The biggest issue why cities are going for monorail is the limited road width available. Here we are trying to plan for the future and they are citing Blr metro as a lets learn the right way..

monorail anyways will need space no more than the 2 mts median to raise the pillars and does not need anything more land or planning..Please say no to monorail and plan for a light rail or metro which are higher in capacities and performance..

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mono in malgudi

blrsri... thanks for posting this. i was working on a mono for malgudi. crashed and lost content. anyways. brindaavna and srirangpatna could be a real boon during dasara and weekends. but what about the rest of the time? but mysore needs to untangle its downtown. everything happens in a circle of radius 2.5-3 kms around the palace.
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show piece ...

I think the direction in which govt. is taking Mysore is towards making it a show piece tourist centre. It is like ignoring the city's development & expansion. Putting up monorail to sight-seeing places when general city suffers from lack of efficient public transport is like the saying "hottege hittillade idroo juttige mallige".(sorry for being blunt here) AT this point, the authorities should do a survey for intra-city rail transport and reserve the land for that - this is to avoid aquisition problems later. But at this point, the bus service infrastructure needs to be enhanced to provide a good dependable service.
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but aadre mithun mysoora mallige is all in a 2-2.5 kms of the palace. the entire city is heaven on earth but that 'city' area is perhaps the most important pi*2.5^2 ~= 20 sq kms on the entire tourist map of KA. That is the base camp from which expeditions to the greater SoKA area and its hills, temples and forts are plotted. Hotels, lodges, eateries, restaurants, taxis, buses, travel agents, markets, artisans, handicraftwalas, trinketwalas, santhes, and maru santhes and not to mention anchor attractions like the palace, the zoo, the museum and the church and the ejjimission during dasara... everything in that area. remember last year palace had more footfalls than the tajmahal. how do you protect all that?
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:-) TS, please ..

:-) TS, please .. take my comment easy! I see your concern on the tourist attractions in the city. I understand that we cant build anything new in that area of radius 2 kms. We should leave that area as it is, like an island inside the city. Outside that, rail or bus infrastructure needs to be strengthened. First of all, the city bus stand needs to be shifted out of its current place. It should be put up in front of the railway station (assuming this is the biggest site available). Industries are increasing, immigration into the city is increasing, real estate is hot, new residential areas are coming up. In many locations, the city has grown till the ring road. It is only a matter of 10 years when all roads outside the above mentioned 'herigate area' get clogged up with private vehicles. A comparable city example I can think of is city of Philadelphia. Philly's population is around 15 lakhs. Mysore's is around 12 lakhs. Philly also has a lot of heritage area, building, museusm, statues, sculptures, parks, artistic areas, in the down town. The downtown has only bus transport. Outside, we have septa(train transport).
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Monorail should be used both for toursit and transit

Monorail alignment should be in such a way that it incorporates both for tourists and for city transit. For example Nanjangud via JP Nagar, upcoming airport.
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I really feel that Mysore

I really feel that Mysore shouldnt be spoiled like Bangalore(in terms of Traffic and over population).Its better we concentrate on other cities which needs infrastructure development.



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