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VOTE YOU MUST but Whom to vote?

India had enough of 'minority voters rule',  hung verdicts in the past elections that resulted in unholy alliances, 'live-in' arrangements, 20:20 experiments, jumping jacks, rat racing and horse trading, first past the post etc. There is a wave that is sweeping the enlightened voters who are sick of false promises, political jingoism. Every eligible person wants to vote and wants his name on the voters list and EPIC.  Augurs well for democracy and unlike past complacent mood, there is vibrant mood to teach lessons to the 'people who shout power to the people but want the people to hand over power to the people who shout power to the people.'

VOTE YOU MUST but WHOM TO VOTE?  Good question.  Politics and politicians have become necessary evils and devils in our society.  Like we have failed to eradicate poverty, we cannot eradicate politicians.  All of them were members of a great national party, once upon a time but become cast-aways due to hunger for power / popularity etc. But we should not shirk our responsibility by stabbing democracy from the back. so, VOTE WE MUST.


- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

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