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List of questions For BMTC

1. Fleet Details                               

1.1    What are the different Categories of buses operated by BMTC (Vajra, Pushpak…)?                      
1.2    Number of buses in each of these categories?                      
1.3    Number of buses on regular maintenance (category wise?)                           
1.4    Average maintenance cost (category wise).                           
1.5    Average running cost (category wise).                           
1.6    Average mileage of the vehicles (category wise).                           
1.7    Total number of buses tracked by GPS systems.                           
1.8    Monthly wise fuel expenditure for the last 24 months.                           
1.9    Average age of buses (category wise)                           
2. Staffing Details                                
2.1    Total number of drivers.                    
2.2    Total number of conductors.                     
2.3    Total number drivers cum conductors (in some buses the driver himself issues the tickets - horrible idea - holds up the traffic unnecessarily - additional pressure on drivers).                   
2.4    Number of administrators (do we need this?)                
2.5    Total amount spent on staff training (should we restrict this to just spending on drivers and conductors) during the last financial year.                           
2.6    Details of all the training programs (to whom the training program targeted, number of attendees, duration of the training) conducted for the staff during the last financial year.                           
2.7    Number of hours the driver is expected to put in on a weekly basis (From a few drivers with whom I have interacted - I have been told that they are forced to put in a few hours of overtime every week - how can we get these details?).                           
3. Revenue and Expenditure Details (including earnings from non transportation operations)                               
3.1    Audited balance sheet for the last financial year.                           
3.2    Revenues generated from sale of monthly passes (category wise for the last 12 months - there are different categories of passes).                        
3.3    Average monthly revenues generated from sale of daily passes (last 12 months).                        
3.4    Total revenues generated from advertising (on buses, in BMTC operated bus stations, etc).                           
3.5    Details of all BMTC owned/operated property lent/leased to non BMTC entities (name and address to whom the property has been lent/leased, location, area, annual rent/lease).                           
3.6    Details of revenues generated from BMTC owned/operated/leased parking areas (including details of location, parking area, parking contractor, lease details).                           
4. Non public transport operation details                               
4.1    Number of buses used for private company (IT Parks) transportation (Name of company/IT park, number of buses, total number of trips operated daily, number of buses deployed - category wise).                           
4.2    Total revenues earned from these servcies (montly wise for the last 12 months).                           
4.3    Yearly growth in the number of buses deployed for these service over the past 5 years.                           
4.4    Total number of Vayu Vajras operating.                           
4.5    Average monthly revenues generated from Vayu Vajra service (data for last 6 months).                           
4.6    Average monthly running and mainteance cost of Vayu Vajras (data for last 6 months). What is the estimated revenue per month needed to breakeven on the Vayu Vajra services.                           
5    Planning and Scheduling                           
5.1    Routing models practised at BMTC - Is this done in consultation with a planning body, if not how is this        
5.2    Time management while conducting day to day operations. Are the authorities strict about adherence to schedules. If yes, how and by whom are these managed and monitored?                           
5.3    Total number of routes operated by BMTC, parameters used while evaluating these, scope for improving the system, initiatives taken in this direction                     comment guidelines

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