BMTC email update

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Following are the latest updates from BMTC

On RTI: Per plan, first attempt would be to get as much information as possible from the BMTC via directly from the respective officials. BMTC has been contacted regarding the same and they will get back to us with right officials we need to contact.
On the Survey: They are looking into it the draft of survey questions. It will be discussed with the higher officials and we will be updated regarding the same.

On Google Transit: There are talks of deploying GPS fitted buses on different routes so that they can map them on to google maps and also get an estimate on the travel times. This could take a while since, travel time estimation will need a lot of data.
On BMTC Website: They are working on the new website. The current site will be completely revamped. The new site will be simpler and user friendly. Apart from the bus route information, including tariff details are also in consideration .

On BMTC's Campaign Initiatives: In planing phase. Will be shared with us once they get necessary approvals.

On Praja Campaigns: BMTC is very eager to cooperate with Praja. One of the ideas is to connect BMTC with companies in Whitefield/Electronic City so that they can visit these companies/set up stalls/make presentations. Praja Volunteers are trying to interact with some association of Software Companies in Whitefield, Industrial Association of Whitefield and Electronic City software companies association. Any help from Praja members in this direction is welcome.


Google transit

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 I am quite surprised to see that BMTC will take long time as they need to do travel time estimation! Aren't schedules for busses drawn based on travel time? Of course, due to changing traffic conditions, there will be lot of difference for each trip and also, there could be a trend over months and years. But why do we need to delay putting a system in place because data may not be 100% accurate?


shooting themselves in the foot

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But why do we need to delay putting a system in place because data may not be 100% accurate?
Because, there will be a 100 posts ridiculing the accuracy of the times and capability of BMTC as an organization to run reliable services. Which may be true but why would they want to shoot themselves in the foot?

Thanks for the update, good going

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First of all, hats off to you guys for doing whatever we can manage via working with BMTC. In the middle of increasing negativity on Praja, you folks are taking time to interact and engage with BMTC, great job and may your tribe grow.

Look forward to hearing more about BMTC, hopefully, a deep analysis of their operations if we manage to get replies to all the questions we have asked them (directly right now, and later via RTI)


SB aka Pranav

Met BMTC Depot Manager (E.City)

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 Today, it happened to meet BMTC depot-19(eCity)  manager, just unplanned visit, as I walking by BMTC depot. I hesitated to talk to manager, without a real agenda. But I created my agenda on-the-fly to introduce me and just a casual chat.

He was very much polite and responsive. I just casually mentioned about Bus Priority System(BPS) campaign etc. He was very enthusiastic to know about BPS. I also mentioned about poor status of passenger announcement system. 

In 30 mins talk we covered wide range of BMTC depot specific issues. Specifically regarding basic issues of drivers/conductors and spare part/breakdown  management, attritions etc.

I introduced Praja in general and told what we do and do not intend to do. Exchanged email IDs to keep in touch.

Not <END> but the <BEGIN> :)

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