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March 6 - Mobilicity event to pick project concepts, venue CiSTUP (updated)

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6 Mar 2013 09:30

Update: A Brief on the event is now attached in here.

CiSTUP, DULT and Praja RAAG invite all readers to a Mobilicity 2013 event @ CiSTUP, IISc, on March 6. Top Management of DULT, BMTC, and Urban Local Bodies, faculty and students from CiSTUP and other departments at IISc, ocal colleges would be in attendance along with  enthusiastic and interested citizens like you.

Mobilicity has been an annual event for last few years, and the event has seeded several projects here, like Bus Day, Namma Railu, NMT Advocacy, Bus Priority System and few more. Last few years, "Mobilicity" has mostly been a single round table type event to discuss and understand a few topics. This year, to increase the focus on action, for increased involvement, and regular communication on projects, Mobilicity 2013 would have a new format

  • We start with this event to brainstorm and evolve priorities.
  • On March 6, we will leave with top ranked or prioritized project concepts.
  • We will then pick 2-3 of these for action, to pursue them as projects with the blessings of everyone involved. We = everyoneinterested, all are welcome to be a participant in the projects that would be started.
  • For all project concepts picked for work and action, there will be a quarterly event to share updates with everyone - government side stakeholders, enthusiastic and participating citizens, academia and potential partners from the industry.

Please do your best to make time, register for the event (click here) and be in attendance on March 6, at 9.30 am, venue CiSTUP.  

Brief on Mobilicity 2013 Forum For Sustainable Bengaluru.pdf371.87 KB


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More details ..

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Will be up here by end of the day today. We will be putting up a separate form to take RSVPs from attendees.

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want to put PRT on the agenda?

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May be this new "Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) System", proposed for Amritsar, could be on the agenda.

Muralidhar Rao
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Please register here

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Here is the registration form (correct link now) to confirm your attendance. You don't need to be a registered user of Praja website to register for the event. Its open to all citizens.

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Correction needed!

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Pls correct the attached flyer/brochure as it still reads as “Mobilicity 2013: Forum for Sustainable Bengaluru” on 16th February 2013 as part of its 4th Foundation Day".


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Okay, noted. Guys - do register!

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Thanks Syed, have requested CiSTUP for corrected brochure, will replace ASAP.

Meanwhile, folks, please do register and spread the word to others who may be interested.

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Murali sir - just come, all are welcome with ideas!

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Murali sir, anyone can add ideas in the basket on the event day, just come prepared with some thoughts and details on it, and bring it up during the group sessions.

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Is Prof. Srihari being invited?

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I think he is an advisor to GoK. He may have good ideas reg Transportation and Mobility issues. Has he been invited to the event?. 

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All have been invited

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Local academic community has been invited. On key stakeholder side (government, public agencies) its been hard to work all schedules due to upcoming elections and people's travel plans etc.

From interested and aware citizen's side, please do try and come to contribute and help evolve priorities for possible initiatives in these areas of sustainable development/mobility.

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No dearth of solutions and ideas!

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@ MaheshK,

There is no dearth of solutions, ideas for fixing the mobility issues in Bangalore. There are tons of proposals on the GOK table. What is missing is will and vision from GOK for their implementation. Many a times the tunnel vision and 'My Way' attitude of so called experts is also playing a role in simple, cost effective solutions being put aside to pave way for expensive, complicated and imported solutions.

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Where is DULT is the whole picture?

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Well said. On the mark.

Here is the contention. If there are number of proposals on the GoK table regarding city traffic issues, then what is an agency like DULT doing? Aren't they part of GoK? Dont they have the will and the vision? May be I dont understand the govt set up or there is something else.

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DDOs plan "Obbattu" but finaly hand over "nippittu"

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Syed is right. This is the bane of our system of governance.  Invariably plans are finalised with lofty ideas, without checking the ground realities but with an eye on public money; ultimately the implementing agencies fall flat on their nose at the last mile which results in infructuous/wasteful expenditure.

Another problem - There is lack of coordination between civil societies. Most of them suffer from Sigmond Frauid's "narcissism of disconent" and also egoistic. Many of them do not want any kind of 'change' in their set up.

With reg to Mobility, I have separately posted a comment about new allocation of budget of Rs.14,883 crores under urban transport of JnNURM.  Deals with how money is being splurged on TTMCs / GIS/GPS that are not realistic and how people continue to wait in shelter-less bus stops in extensions etc. Pl have a look. 

But Praja should continue to shout from roof top. 

DDOs = Drawing & Disbursing Officers.


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DULT, IDD, UDD are part of GOK

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DULT, IDD and UDD are part of the GOK and is responsible for implementation of plans and policies to address the city's infrastructure plans. In the Org setup, DULT works under IDD, IDD works under UDD and UDD reports to Chief Secretary and CM for City's urban infrastructure.

These govt agencies themselves can not implement urban infrastructure projects without the blessing of  CM and his cabinet. It is the politicians who are responsible for slow implementation of TRUE public utility projects. This govt specially has dissappointed the most. For last 5 years they were busy saving their chairs.

Classic example is proposal for Commuter Rail Service pending for CM's approval. Not that DULT is not looking at it. After the due diligence, they have indeed pushed it to the tables of CM and the cabinet. For reasons, politicians do not see their interest in the project. The day they see virtues in the project (Economic, Political, Votes etc), will see the flurry of activities on this front.

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No dearth of solutions also ...

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Govt setup, lack of political will etc - its pretty easy to get derailed due to all this. It is important for us to just do what we love doing and believe in. And while doing it, understand the "constraints" on the govt officials side that hinders them (they sometime say the elected representatives stop them, sometime they themselves don't push right proposals, and sometimes they are plain simple lazy - all kinds exist). Reaching out to elected representatives themselves is, in my opinion, best done via some of us joining some mainstream political parties to get connected there. but that we can discuss separately :)

Also, the solutions often need some prior research and thinking with details to be crisp, easy to grasp, and easy to sell "inside". Such prior research, studies or validations can be done by organizations like CiSTUP. We must understand that there are tons of people pushing their versions and proposals - some with hidden interests, some good, some bad, some crisp, some vague - to these agencies.

We are learning our ways of semi-academic research and advocacy. Let us keep at it. Shouting, Arm-chairing, Event-ing, Discontent-ing, Projects - none of these is known to hurt :)

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Well done event

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Thanks to Praja and CiSTUP for the successful event yesterday. We need to appreciate the Praja folks who have a day job and still took time off to organize and attend the event. Glad to meet Prajas in person. Overall, well done.

I have a suggestion for an event like this. This is just my observation. The topics, Greener Bengaluru and Cleaner Bengaluru could have been narrowed only to Transportation and Mobility issues. That could have pinpointed short and long term solutions. Like short term solutions that can be achieved before the next Mobilicity 2014 event. For example, pushing the govt to set up at least one CNG terminal before March 31, 2014 and start retrofitting the govt buses for CNG. That would have started slowly reducing air pollution from the diesel buses. comment guidelines

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