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31 Jul 2011 07:09
31 Jul 2011 07:09

Bangalore has been experiencing an alarming decrease in the number of lakes, down from 937 in 1937 to only 212 lakes in 2010. Historically, these lakes have been the main source of water for citizens. The effect of urbanization has taken a heavy toll on the beautiful lakes. World Health Organization data suggests that by 2020 there will be only 78 liters of potable available per person per day in Bangalore against 150 liters required. While BBMP has plunged into action to address the situation, there is far greater need to bring awareness among the citizens and engage them in efforts to rejuvenate the Dying Lakes in Bangalore.

To spread awareness about the status of Lakes and engage citizens in Lake Rejuvenation efforts, United Way Bengaluru is organizing a LAKE-A-THON on Sunday, 31st July, 07.00 am at Kaikondanahalli Lake, on Sarjapura Road close to Total Mall, Bangalore. While we’ll all have a pleasant morning walk around the Lake with family and friends, it would be a great opportunity to reaffirm that we care for our LAKES and Environment.


We look forward to your participation at LAKE-A-THON. To register please visit the following url:


Please do circulate this e – mail widely with your friends and colleagues. If you need posters to put up in your office notice board or in your residential apartments of Lake-a-thon, please contact us.


To find out more about Lake Rejuvenation Campaign and Lake-a-thon please visit or write to Shireen Kurian, or call 080- 41150394. Visit us on facebook


Thank you for your support.

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