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Peoples' Movements today - Tasks and Challenges ahead- 27 Apr

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27 Apr 2010 17:00
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Peoples' Solidarity Concerns


We are happy to inform you that many representatives of peoples'
movements from various struggles such as anti- SEZ, anti-mining, anti-
water privatization, anti-Posco, Fish workers struggles, adivasi
struggles are arriving in Bangalore for a political convention. We
felt that this would be a good occasion for the like-minded people of
Bangalore to meet and discuss with at least some of them on the some
of the grave issues around all of us. It is also important to think
about how we react to many of these struggles around us.

We at People’s Solidarity Concerns therefore invite you to attend a
Public Meeting to hear these leaders on the topic "Peoples' Movements
today - Tasks and Challenges ahead".  Please do come and let us
discuss the possibilities and alternatives for the future.

Date: 27th of April 2010

Time: 5pm

Venue: Bangalore University Senate Hall, (City Campus) Near K R
Circle, Bangalore.


Prashant Paikrey – Spokes person  of Posco Prathirodh Sangram Samithi
(PPSS), he is a trade unionist and with the CPI in Orissa..

Dayamani Barla - Adivasi Mulvasi Astitva Raksha Manch in Jharkhand  is
spearheading the anti-mining struggles and has sucessfully stopped
ArcelorMital from mining. Adivasi journalist and voice of the peoples

Magalene Peter - is a firebrand activist leading the fishworkers
struggles in Kerala and heads the KSMTF

Chittaranjan Singh- Human Rights activist,  a renowned human rights
activist of PUCL. based in Uttar Pradesh, he has been active in the
peoples movement against Coca Cola company.

Guman Singh-convenor of Himalaya Niti Abhiyan in Himachal Pradesh a
coordination of over 40 peoples struggles against dams, hydropower
projects, displacement and ecological plunder by the State and

Vidya Dinkar -Karavali Karnataka Janaabhivriddhi Vedike (KKJV), a
forum of farmers, social activists, individuals and groups; is a
firebrand activist in Mangalore mobilising against the MSEZ as well as
the fascist Hindutva attacks.

You are cordially invited by: Peoples' Solidarity Concerns- Bangalore
Contact Jagadish:  9448394365


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@psaram42 - what does

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@psaram42 - what does 'deleted' mean??

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moderator's comment

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'deleted' is the comment of the moderator. 'Psaram42' has apparently made a comment about the event which the moderator has decided was not 'parliamentary' and decided to delete - shows how inclusive we in PRAJA are, even with the dominant presence of 'neo-capitalists' (is that how I would be described by the 'Peoples' Movement lot'?) like me. But, mind you - I got a rating in line with none less than Mahatma Gandhi for my socio-political outlook - check this. You better find a more suitable definition for me :))).

But, please don't mistake Psaram42 to be an ultra- capitalist. He is for the continuance of even Air-India as a public sector entity, though most others here have given up.

Muralidhar Rao
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I am not able to delete my own comment

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 I was trying to explain about CAPTCHA security which is enabled on PRAJA site, live to somebody, thinking that I could delete my own comment. To my horror I found that this was not possible. So I deleted the text whatever I had written myself. It was not done by any moderator.

However I find that the author can delete his own blog entry. I fail to understand why a comment should not be deleted by the author. I am not competent to pass any judgement.

Murali sir knows about one of my unparliamentary comments made long back. I am careful now not to repeat the offence.

I also find that CAPTCHA security is not there for comments now.

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I stand corrected - my

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I stand corrected - my apologies to Ananthram saahibaru

Muralidhar Rao
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About comments

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Sorry for the out of topic response.

Moderators are supposed to clearly indicate that they have edited/deleted a comment. In fact, we hardly have any moderation lately due to the new approval strategy we use for new users.

[There is insane amount of spam that Praja receives everyday. Probably due to a high search engine rank we have for issues related to Bangalore. Most of the spam is even human, bypassing the CAPTCHAs. However, the new approval strategy allows us to not let any of the spam appear to our users.]

The reason for not allowing users to delete their comments is because by deleting a comment, the comments which were the replies to the original comments also get deleted, which might not be the desired outcome. We also want users to be accountable to what they have said so keep the comments there for everyone to see. Moderators can however use their judgement to delete whole comment threads when things go out of control.

Blog entries can only be 'edited' by their authors. One can not delete a blog entry for similar reasons as above (all comments will also get deleted).

CAPTCHAs should not be visible to anyone who has logged into the site. CAPTCHA is only used for new members while registering and for anonymous users who want to contact the admins. Do let "tech at" know if you are seeing CAPTCHAs when you are logged in.

Hope that clarifies a few things.


-Shastri comment guidelines

Posting Guidelines apply for comments as well. No foul language, hate mongering or personal attacks. If criticizing third person or an authority, you must be fact based, as constructive as possible, and use gentle words. Avoid going off-topic no matter how nice your comment is. Moderators reserve the right to either edit or simply delete comments that don't meet these guidelines. If you are nice enough to realize you violated the guidelines, please save Moderators some time by editing and fixing yourself. Thanks!

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