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Ideas for Bus Day - Online Praja Meeting!

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28 Oct 2009 21:30
28 Oct 2009 22:30
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It will be a ONLINE Skype Meeting.

Purpose would be to brainstorm ideas for Bus daya event. Please leave a comment here if you are interested in the discussions.

It is open for all. All you need is Skype Account and a Headset/Mrciphone set.


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Bus Day...........

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The meeting is in extension to an earlier meeting that held on Oct 14th. For details of that meeting see here

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Buses only day.

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As an experimental basis can we have a buses only day within Bangalore CBD, ofcourse those who wants cars' comfort can pay extra from their earnings.

Can the pilot project be run -- on a Saturday or Sunday or atleast half a day during weekends'?


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Online meeting

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I will join.


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I'll be there..

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i am in...


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Sorry, I may not be able to join!

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Due to last minute business travel, I will not be be able to join the meeting.

Manjari, Pls take care of the meeting.


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I am online

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I am online on Skype.

Not sure if Manjari is online.

User name : <removed> :)

Add me and I can start the conversation

-Srivatsava V

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minutes of meeting

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Three people participated in the online meeting, namely pathy, srivatsava, vinod.

Points raised/discussed during the meeting

1. The general public has to be well informed of the bus day by giving it enough publicity so as not to inconvenience any of the stake holders, including private vehicle users.

2.The event has to be well advertised through all the available media-print, radio, internet, SMS etc regarding the date and significance of the event.,

3.Identification of corridors for the bus day.  The corridor could be the entire CBD or it could specific high density routes like corporation-ITPL, brigade road-electronic city etc.

4.The co-operation of the police and specifically the traffic police is extremely important for the succesful conduct of the bus day. Need to get inputs from the BMTC on this issue

5.What is the kind of resources and time, the BMTC is willing to put into this event, becomes really crucial.  Need know the expectations of the BMTC on the outcome of this event.

6.More buses need to be deployed on the specific corridors on the bus day.

7.If possible, BMTC staff, traffic police and praja members should try a dry run on the very same corridors 2 weeks in advance to understand the nitty-gritties involved on the corridors decided.



P.S: On a lighter note on the bus day present a rose to every female traveller, a chocolate for kids and male passengers:-) comment guidelines

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