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AntiNukes Primer! Sat, Sep 19th at SCM House

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19 Sep 2009 16:30
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AntiNuclear Discussion and Q&A
at SCM House, Mission Rd, Bangalore.
(29, 2nd Cross, CSI Compound, Mission Road)
4:30-6:30pm, Saturday, Sep 19th, 2009
SCM Contacts: Caleb: 9731473701/22223761.Samuel Jeyakumar: 9448462223
Other contacts: vtp: 9739813830 tbd: 9844036961

Public Discussion and Q&A with SP Udayakumar, VT Padmanabhan, Dr.Pugazhendi and others on Nuclear topic, Nuclear Energy Resistances at Koodankulam and Kalpakkam, Questions on Kaiga and and plans by Karnataka govt. to initiate uranium mining in Gulbarga, various aspects of Antinuclear, Q&A on nuclear weapons, disarmament, War and Peace,  nuclear dumping, nuclear deals, more.

Delhi mobilization Oct. 1st and 2nd, 2009. Antinuclear Delhi Rally. 
Demanding “No Deals, No Mines, No Reactors, No Dumps, No Bombs!” the National Alliance of Anti-nuclear Movements (NAAM) works with the slogan “Don’t Nuke Our Children’s Futures!”


Please come and inform yourself. Mobilize.

Bangalore Events, Sat Sep 19th, 2009
(Streaming into Antinukes Delhi Rally / convenings Oct 1st and 2nd, 2009.)
*11:30 am-12:00noon* Press Conference at Bangalore Press Club

on Antinuclear topic, Delhi Rally, more. Convened by Janastu, South Asian Dialogues for Ecological Democracy, Charter of Human Responsibilities. [Thanks to Alternative Law Forum for primary axis supports] Contact num: 9844036961.

*3pm* Shiroi Hana Peace Ballet Performance on Nuclear Disarmament and Peace at St.Josephs College, Museum Rd by Born Free Arts School youth and children. Contact num: 9886306366
*4:30pm-6:30pm* ANTINUCLEAR Discussion and Q&A

with SP Udaykumar(Koodankulam), Dr.Pugazhendi(Kalpakkam), VT Padmanabhan and others at SCM House, Mission Rd. Convened by Janastu, South Asian Dialogues for Ecological Democracy, Charter of Human Responsibilities. Contact nums: SCM Caleb: 9731473701/22223761 Samuel: 9448462223; Other contacts: vtp: 9739813830 tbd: 9844036961


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i am not opposed to you guys discussing these issues. but i must register my dissenting voice. india is not a timbuktu, it lives in a real world and is subject to pulls and pushes of real geo-politcal dynamics. and it needs reasonable means to defend itself. if i dont know anything about olaf caroe or his works then i should not even be making statements about such strategic issues.

"South Asian Dialogues for Ecological Democracy", please point to me to details of the dialogues that took place in islamabad, lahore, r'pindi or even in karachi. if you cannot provide examples, please request the above organization to rename itself as Indian Monologue for Ecological Democracy .

ofcourse, north of himalayas east of tibet and xinjiang, SAD- FED (should have been a SAD FAD) has no branches i presume?

wth is ecological democracy? i would lift my panche, collect my slippers in my hand  and run from any thing that cloakes itself with such grandiose, self important  terms, which are clearly meant to obfuscate rather than inform.

again, i am not against them meeting or organizing. that is their right. my right as a dissenter is what i am excercising.

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Absolutely right

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The nay sayers can go ahead & do their nay saying any no. of times. When India has been respected by the world as a responsible nation & has been given the privilige of access to supplies of uranium from NSG & others to help assist in solving it's many problems (power being a very pressing need), one cannot understand the demands by these groups.

Without deterrants, our country will be swamped by other rouge nations in the neighbourhood - this is also a reality & we have paid a heavy price in the beginning years of our existense as an independent nation. Thus, I do not buy their arguments with respect to nuclear weapons too.

"Go nuclear so as not to use nuclear" is ever so true.

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if a couple of million people are evaporated tomorrow because SAD-FAD couldnot organize a meeting in lahore, who is responsible? and what ecology are they are talking about?

Hamid Gul, Former Head of ISI(Inter Services Intelligence) of Pakistan, talking about Bangalore.

In India Nida Fazli wrote,

dhuan banake fiza mein uda diya mujhko (2)
main jal raha tha kisi ne bujha diya mujhko
dhuan banake fiza mein uda diya mujhko

khada hoon aaj bhi roti ke chaar harq liye (3)
sawal yeh hai kitaabon ne kya diya mujhko
dhuan banake fiza mein uda diya mujhko

safed sang ki chaadar lapet kar mujh par (2)
fasil-e-shaher mein kisne saja diya mujhko
dhuan banake fiza mein uda diya mujhko

main ek zarra bulandi ko chhoone nikla tha (3)
hawa ne thaam se zameen par gira diya mujhko
dhuan banake fiza mein uda diya mujhko
main jal raha tha kisi ne bujha diya mujhko
dhuan banake fiza mein uda diya mujhko

only in india dhua and uDa are employed to capture existential issues. elsewhere dhua and uDa are invoked with divine sanction to mean only one thing.

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 Did anybody realize our

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 Did anybody realize our nukes are a dud anyway? 

Pokhran II was a dud, blows up now comment guidelines

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