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Visit To Bangalore's Traffic Management Center

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22 Aug 2009 10:30
22 Aug 2009 11:30

Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) seems to be doing some good work to put together an integrated traffic management system for our city. We are told that the Traffic Management Center (TMC) is a key peice of this plan. We had requested BTP (Mr Sudhir, PSI, TMC) to help arrange a visit to their upgraded TMC. They will be more than happy to host us and show us around on Saturday Aug 22.

Please leave a comment here to indicate that you will be joining in. These trips also provide a good chance to meet other Praja members.

Meeting Details

  • Date: Saturday, Aug 22
  • Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Venue: 1st floor, Ashoknagar Police Station, Commissariat Road, near Garuda Mall

SB aka Pranav


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Traffic Managemen center

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 Would Like to join.

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I am interested

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I would like to join the visit..


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I am in.. no doubt

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SB, i didnt know that the TMC has moved from the Ashoknagar police station/Commissariat Road. I knew that it had its own building coming up. is the new one on Infantry road??

-Srivatsava V

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Traffic visit

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I will be glad to join


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tmc tour

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I am in.


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I'd like to visit, too

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Pls count me also in, thanks.

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I am interested

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to be part of this visit

- Sandeep.


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I am in too

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Count me in.

- Rithesh
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count me in too

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I would like to join, can you please tell the exact address?

Please pardon my ignorance, where is the CBD?

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confirming venue - Ashok Nagar police station

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The TMC is in first floor, Ashoknagar Police Station, Commissariat Road, near Garuda Mall.

Basically, its between Central and Garuda malls. Come from Residency Road/Central mall towards Garuda mall, the police station will be to your right about 200 meters after Central.

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Note: small time change, 10.30 am now

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Now 10.30 AM, pushed out by 30 mins on Mr Sudhir's request.

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I am in

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Sound interesting, would like to join for sure.

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TMC - Looks Very Promising

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The array of monitoring devices & other facilities at the TMC are quite impressive !

This is the most sophisticated TMC in the country, at present & about 160 cameras for monitoring traffic at various main street junctions have already been installed. Several more are under installation & all these cameras provide live /real-time pictures of signalized intersections. Signal phase time intervals can be manually changed based on traffic volume/s.

At a few locations, sensors have been placed to trigger inactivity & lack of traffic movement, & inputs from these sensors are used to change over the signal to green to waiting vehicles from another direction, thus limiting wait times to the minimum for vehicles at intersections & improving efficiency of traffic movement.

Inputs about the density of mobile phones in various areas is also monitored to provide traffic indications (airtel mobiles only, at present). Live GPRS feeds are also received from about 800 BMTC buses (all buses will be fitted with GPRS in the future). If bus movements slow down in a particular area, this would be another indication of traffic congestion at the location.

Remote monitoring of vehicles for traffic violations is another feature. With the aid of these cameras, duty personnel watch out for violations. About 800-1000 violations are detected each day & notices are being sent to vehicle owners.

Though we still have a long way to go to be on par with traffic monitoring /managing facilities in cities abroad, this is certainly a great start. The operators look well trained & quite up to the task.

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Great Hearing this

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Naveen, thanks for the information. It looks very impressive. Good start though.

We have companies developing software in Bangalore for managing the US and European City Traffic.  They could be well utilized here. If there are any praja members working on these kind of projects, give us inputs.

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Photos from the traffic management centre

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Out of memory!

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I couldn't post all the photos that i shot at the TMC, as i have already used my quota of 1Mb for uploading photos.
Request admin to look if something can be done about it.


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Upload on Flickr

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Vinod - you can upload the pictures on (create an account, if you don't have one).

The pictures can then be posted here.

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More about TMC

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More details about the TMC can be accessed at this link & also here.

The following suggestion has been sent, based on my observations at the centre :



IGP & Additional Commissioner of Police(Traffic), Bangalore City
BMTC Complex 2nd Floor, Shivajinagar Bus Stand,
Bangalore - 560 057.

Dear Sir,

It was a pleasure visiting the Traffic Management Centre today & knowing about efforts to monitor & manage traffic in the city.

I have a suggestion that might be useful to educate violators, especially uneducated, paid drivers. When violation notices are issued, it might help a lot if a snapshot caught on camera is also forwarded to the violator (the picture can be in black & white).

This way, drivers who are illiterate will get to see & understand what constitutes a violation better & it will help greatly in educating & disciplining drivers. At present, it is likely that
vehicle owners pay the fines & perhaps read out the violation notice to the errant drivers, who may or may not understand the mistake, but if a picture is shown to them, it may have much better impact.

Thanking You for your attention,
Capt.Naveen Chandra
Praja Bangalore


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 But isnt this the TMC that

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 But isnt this the TMC that existed for a while now? I was under the impression there was a bigger one in a new building with lot more screens coming up to handle some 600+ cameras. Where is that?

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Permanent TMC

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The new facility is under construction on Infantry road. (Click here for the link).

This temporary facility had a lot of difficulties to sort out initially, but it appears to be operating quite efficiently now that most issues have been sorted out.

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visit to TMC in detail

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Here I was criticizing and cribbing and always wondering why I was always stuck on a signal and waiting for the light to turn green, while the other side of the traffic always seemed to move easy and smooth.
Then me along with a group of people from praja were taken to a room with 5 Sony LCD screens (10 more on their way) on a wall and in the next 1 and half hours my cynicism was taken away from me :)

Courtesy the visit to Bangalore Traffic management center (organized by Mr. Sudhir) we got a chance to know a lot about the traffic management system in Bangalore.
The Visit began at 10:30am on 22 August 2009.
Mr. Saurabh Bhattacharya, a consultant working for PWC presently working with TMC give us a tour of the center.

With the help of technology and highly advanced equipment TMC performs the 3 major operations:
1.) Enforcement
2.) Congestion observation
3.) Traffic signal monitoring and control


Out of the 5 LCD screens, the first 2 displayed live video feeds from different junctions. With the help of sophisticated cameras its possible to zoom in and capture images of vehicles as well as their number plate in case of violation of any traffic rule for example car stopped on Zebra crossing etc.

The images are stored in case someone contests the ticket but these images are not sent along with the challans which in my personal opinion should  as they will have a greater effect.
These live feeds are provided by Bosch cameras which are installed and maintained by Zycon. There are around 160 such cameras all over the city and they are placed on a 8m high pole.

We were shown archived video which were taken during night time and to my surprise the picture quality was still good enough to figure out the number on the number plate

Everyday 800-1000 chalans are filed through this process though only 60% of these people actually pay up.

TMC has 24 tera byte storage which can save data up to 20 days.

This is the point where I began to wonder if it was a better idea to jump a red light than to cross the zebra crossing and stop :) But then we were taken to another workstation which was monitoring junctions using even more sophisticated camera which by the way cost a bomb (around 50 lakhs) These camera are capable of measuring the speed of a car and also taking images so that number plate can be identified.

So these camera can be used to fine cars who jump a red light or are speeding. Though due to cost concerns there are only 5 such cameras in Bangalore as of now. This workstation is maintained by a company called Turbo.

Congestion observation

The next 2 LCD screens displayed map of Bangalore. these 2 maps (provided by mapunity) can display roads with congestion.
There are almost 600 BMTC buses equipped with GPS. These buses can be used to detect congestion in an area.
Mean time that a bus should take at a particular time is already known, with the help of this data any deviation can be noted and hence congestion can be detected. There are different colors like green, red and orange provided to depict whether the bus is moving as expected or not. A bottle neck can be spotted if there is a point where red and green color meet.

Another way to detect congestion is through mobile phone density at a given time at any place. The data for this method is provided by Airtel. Though this method is not accurate as the first one.

Traffic Signal monitoring and controlling system.
With the help of data collected before hand, each signal is allotted a specific green light time which varies according to time (differs during office hours). This time slot for green light can be changed according to need.

There is a different dedicated workstation for this task and there different methods to do so. This workstation is maintained by Bharat electronics.

a.) Vehicle actuation: there are embedded loops(magnetic loops) which are placed under the road just before the stop line. It can sense whether vehicles are there or not, in case there are no vehicle then the system after waiting for 4 seconds automatically turns the next lane light to green.
b.) Video analytic: there are camera on all the 4 red lights on a junction monitoring the opposite side traffic (these are different from the earlier mentioned cameras) they are capable of counting the number of cars. with the help of this in case there is a congestion it can be known and the time of red/green light can be dynamically manipulated/changed.
c.) Signal progression: The time of red light on a signal and its duration is calculated with utmost care so that if one gets a red light then the next succeeding light should not be red again.
The distance between the 2 signals and the average speed are taken into consideration when these calculations are done.
d.) Area traffic controller: If with the help of method a or b the traffic lights are manipulated then c should be still valid. i.e all signals should be in sync such that one does not get 2 red lights in a row. This is done by area traffic controller.

Microsoft is working on providing them with an upgraded version of their software for traffic signal monitoring and manipulation.

Each signal can have the following:
1)signal (red/green/yellow light)
2)camera (for enforcement)
3)camera (to monitor congestion)

Data is taken from each junction with help of a 4mbps dedicated leased lines provided by BSNL.
The last of the 5 LCD displayed these connections to different signal.
These are point to point connection from each junction to the control center and the line is turned to red color in case of a failure and the junction is turned red in case of a failure there.

TMC also has an Integrated complain monitoring system (ICMS)
If there an IT fault anywhere in the system, then an interrupt is triggered and a SMS is sent to the concern person. Due to this system the mean time to repair has drastically improved.

TMC is doing an amazing job and even though there are a lot of suggestions that we can provide, still I think its important we acknowledge them for the kind of work they are doing in a city which has added 500 new cars everyday last year and has a vehicle growth of 10%
Thanks to Mr Sudhir and other employees we got a chance to know a lot about our traffic management system.
It was very nice of them to show us around and entertain our questions.
Let us hope we can arrange more of such enlightening visits.

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Stats about EAC in namma Bengaluru

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EAC - Enforcement Automation Centre

Genl: total vehicles in Bengaluru

- two wheelers 28,44,198

- Cars 5,91,620

- autorickshaws 1,20,532

- Booked 37,429 cases

- collected Rs.98,82,900 in fine

- It has 160 (?) surveillance cameras at 80 strategic locations for live feed.

- Blackberries 280 with cops,

-  5 enforcement cameras for traffic violations with Traffic Interceptor vehicles.

- Helpline No.103

- Vasanth Mysoremath comment guidelines

Posting Guidelines apply for comments as well. No foul language, hate mongering or personal attacks. If criticizing third person or an authority, you must be fact based, as constructive as possible, and use gentle words. Avoid going off-topic no matter how nice your comment is. Moderators reserve the right to either edit or simply delete comments that don't meet these guidelines. If you are nice enough to realize you violated the guidelines, please save Moderators some time by editing and fixing yourself. Thanks!

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