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SKYPE Meeting - Petition to Chief Minister on BMTC and PT system

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10 May 2009 09:00
10 May 2009 10:00
Public Transport

We had long arguments and counter arguments on the issue of Murali Sir's plans for petition to Chief Minister on BMTC and allowing private competition in City's road based PT system. I think we have enough fodder for filtering the consensus that could be the crux of the petition. Lets meet online and discuss the issue that are core to the issue.

Hope the veterans of Praja, members like Murali sir, Capt. Naveen, Yajamanre and others would join this meeting.

I will initiate the conference at 9 AM on Sunday @ May 10.

Please indicate your participation by dropping a comment on this thread. Please do indicate your SKYPE ID ahead of the meeting.



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Petition to Chief Minister on BMTC and PT system

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I would like to participate in this discussion my SKYPE ID is : bushan_hs
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Sent me a PM with your SKYPE ID!

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If you are interested in participating in this online meeting, pls send me your SKYPE ID.




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BMTC-Petion to CM

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Will some one please make a posting on the Skype mtg of 10th May?


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With only Syedbhai and I

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With only Syedbhai and I logging in, all we had was a good long chat - no POA's were discussed. And, as far as I am concerned, effective competition is the only way out. Trying to help BMTC to improve its services is for those who have time to waste.

Muralidhar Rao

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