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My Voter ID pain at Madivala

I would like to explain my pain and vain in getting the voter ID, yesterday at Madiwala-VFC, its was the last date yesterday for the EPIC, almost 2000 people were waiting in the queue (it was a mad rush), I was one among them, waited for hours together( from 4 pm to 8 PM), I could not get the details from one counter and go to the next counter for the voter ID (clicking my photo), my long standing for hours in the queue all went in vain, I also commented on TV 9 news about the problem I/we had faced yesterday. Today morning again I had been to the Madiwala-VFC, to check my details, I tried to check, luckily I met one nice person from the VFC, who helped me to check the details in the database, he told me that my form is rejected???, I was bit surprised about this???, how could this be possible (as I had register through, and I had to explain about my voter registration through, how could my form get rejected.

I am really helpless now, whether to vote!!! Or not to vote!!!, or can I vote????, since my registration has happened I really don’t know. Kindly answer my query

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 Hey Naveen, It's

 Hey Naveen,

It's unfortunate that your name's being rejected. Registering through JaagoRe! doesn't guarantee you that your forms would be accepted and your name would appear on the voters list.

Even with the right form being submitted and proper proofs being provided, the officials reject the application on some ground. And, it's the ERO's discretion to accept your application or reject it. The only option I guess is for you to apply again when they start accepting forms. Since your name's not on the voters list, you wont be able to vote this elections.
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thanks for the reply

 would like to share the inside story of rejecting the representative is given 50,000 forms to feeded in the computer, obivious the form would get rejected, am i right...

 would like to explain my pain and vain in getting the voter ID, yesterday at Madiwala-VFC, its was the last date yesterday for the EPIC, almost 2000 people were waiting in the queue (it was a mad rush), I was one
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 Yes, that could be a

 Yes, that could be a factor definitely. It also gets rejected much before it reaches the data entry. Sometimes I guess just so that they need not come and do the actual verification it might be getting rejected or if it's sent for verification at the ward office, someone there must be rejecting it and sending it back. 


The problem is they don't have to give us a reason why it's rejected. The EC should try and bring in more transparency with this process, maybe someway to actually track each form at various stages online. That would prevent a lot of arbitrary rejection of forms.

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same story here...can RTI help?

I have been visiting the Bommanahalli VFC for many days, and the serpentine queues have never ended. The line to verify the name on the voters list is so slow that there is no way one can join the line and get the job done in a day. One time, the crowd was so much that the police had to resort to some sort of a mini lathi charge to get people under control. One time I was successful in reaching the counter, only to realize that there were 2 computers, and the checking process is very slow (slow server maybe), and they were not at all prepared to handle so many people. I came to know that my name is not on the list. Frustrated, I gave up hope of voting this time.

I want to know if the reason for rejection/not being on the voters list can be enquired via an RTI application? Anyone knows if the election commission is under the purview of RTI act?
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pahle' tho aap jaagiye'

@ Naveenshetty

The same is the plight of my dughter's friend, whose 'Jaagore' form, I personally filled, submitted at the notified centre and collected an acknowledgement. With the name not showing up on the voters' list yet (checking through the web), I asked her to drop the idea of wasting time at the EPIC issuing centres.

The entire set up is most unprofessional and a disgrace to this country that prides itself of its IT prowess. For more on that, click on:

While we have come to expect such incompetence from government organisations, what is even more tragic is that 'Jaagore' should be sending us on such wild-goose chases without having ensured proper tie-up of a all the loose ends. And, on top of that, burden us with a guilt conscience! They are the ones who need to 'jaago' in the first place.

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