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Electoral Reforms - Transparency and Accountability in public life

Why there is avoidable delay in bringing in electoral reforms? Who is holding up the suggestions made by well known analysts like Mr.L.K.Jain and a host of others to create a transparent and accountable political system and a better vibrant society?
It is time for citizens to stem the rot and  the decay that has crept into our system before it is too late before it eats the core of democracy. All of us must become proactive, ensure participatory democracy and insist with one voice to bring in legislations by amending the terms, conditions, acts, rules, codes, constitutional provisions etc., for a transparent and accountable political system.  India needs to enact electoral reforms without further delay.

A few suggestions are given below:
(1) Enact Election Reforms that are long overdue - Election Commission and others political analysts Mr.LK Jain etc., have forwarded enough recommendations to the Government of India to take further action but the powerful political lobbies have been scuttling the issue whenever the subject is broached  – let there be a beginning in some form or the other.
(2) Amend the Peoples Representation Act and Election Rules pertaining to eligibility of persons for contesting for elections
(3) Prescribe a minimum educational qualification
(4) No person with criminal background should be allowed to contest - needs elucidation
(5) Make voting compulsory - consider levy of fine say 1 per cent on electricity/water bill for not voting or
(6) Consider giving incentive - say 2 per cent reduction in electricity/water bill 
(7) Strengthen the existing election provisions pertaining to ‘Recall’ of the unfit by making the process simpler
........ Prajegalu may like to add their recommendations....

Citizens must become proactive with participatory democracy to ensure that their names exist in the electoral list (the mother of all frauds?), go to the booths and cast their constitutional right of exercising their franchise without fail and create a majority voters rule without creating a hung verdict that allows unscrupulous elected representatives to hop, skip or jump, horse trading, unholy alliances or ‘live-in’ arrangements.

Let us resolve to vote to the ‘least criminal’ with the condition that if he fails to come up to the expectations of the voters, and becomes a slumdog millionnaire within one year, he will have the option of stepping down voluntarily by surrendering the excess baggage he has collected during offices of political profit or being recalled through simple process by the voters of his constituency.

Present day young voters are raring for a change for a coherent corruptionless better system of governance; let them not get disenchanted with the archaic poll norms and abstain from taking active part in the poll process.

It is now or never. Let us change and let us be the change we want to see. Yes We Can.

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Please write as "local" as possible is not yet setup right for "national" level posts. Our philosophy is to be local, very local. While all such national level issues apply to all localities, we encourage discussions on local issues, or local applications of such national level issues.

This is not the only such post on Praja, there are others as well. Had to pick one post to call this out, so picked this one at random.

Having said above, since these types of posts are showing up a lot, we are figuring a way to create a placeholder for these and to keep these separate from the usual local posts.

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Noted pl.

Will adhere to 'local' subjects

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