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Some BEST bus routes I used

Please see Route#1, Route#2 and Route#3.
Ahemdabad BRT detailed project report says 1/3 live in walking distance from their BRT (this demographic may apply to many cities, but worth looking at stats if available for Pune). Walking distance is not defined but having used buses in Mumbai for 25 years (even my school was half an hour away from home and there were no rickshaws thankfully) anything more than 10 minutes is pushing things a bit, especially if journey is ~10km or so.
The route maps show what BEST offers comprehensively (its a shame those 55 flyovers took away money coz Mumbai like London should have spent the money on 8k buses or more) - almost a door-door service. 
Mumbai is not a linear city, once you think of how it has expanded beyond the creek to the East.
No train or a BRT would serve me if I tried doing these journey's after all these years (at best, we can dream of kerb side bus lanes) - these roads are very narrow. In fact the proposed BRT routes are well out of the way for these destinations.
Factor in walking times, interchange times (when we use concept of feeder services), wait times and even trains do not beat traditional bus services by significant margins (unless one is traveling long distance - much of Mumbai train usage is by people from 5 Municipal Corporations that make up Mumbai Metropolitan area.

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