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PIL Filed against MLAs' America tour

A PIL has been filed in the highcourt questioning trip (junket?) that the CM, MLAs and officers are taking. There is an article in thatskannada about this and I guess tomorrow's newspapers might carry this too.

Since the article is in Kannada, I am translating the highlights.

* The team size for the visit was 115.

* The official reason is that CM and team would participate in AKKA's  'Vishwa Kannada SammeLana'.

* Only CM has AKKA's official invitation

* The PIL is filed by S Vasudev, a lawyer

Mr. Vasudev argues that there are is no allocation in the state budget for this and that this trip would not bring any cultural benefits.


Even at only 1 lakh rupees per person, the cost would have been 1.15 crores probably equivalent of several bus stops or a few pedestrian overpasses. Should tax payers' money be spent on such trips?


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Commendable action by Mr. vasudev

At times like this, I wish I were a lawyer. More and more PILs of this kind should be raised, our netas should get the fear of God!

Well done Mr. vasudev.

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Not the cops

Hope they are not questioning the singapore trip by Soods folks. I believe it is a good step to send traffic related people to countries like singapore to have a look. In fact I think every cop needs to be inducted in Singapore. SG or Malaysia is not very far and not expensive. We can foot the bill for the cops as long as they get enlightned and they are made to undergo some course on that countries rules/regulations.

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rewards for MLAs

Perhaps Yedi can have milestones defined for his MLAs and ministers. Yedi and public can review everyone's milestones once in six months. If met, I would be more than happy to contribute my tax money towards a paid vacation to places much better than Chicago.

And why woo AKKA so bad that 115 people need to go. 5-10 are enough to show them state's backing. There are other events to showcase Karnataka's potential. Actually, I think there needs to be an annual event, bigger in scale than Bangalore to showcase Karnataka's potential and attract investors and NRIs. Such an event could be organized in US, Eurpoe, or Japan. I don't mind 115 people going abroad to organize such event every year.

We are a developing state. We have the rewards waiting for investors and beleivers. We need to be calling on folks more than us reaching out to them.

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High Court Notice

High Court notice to State on legislators’ America tour The Hindu The Karnataka High Court on Friday ordered issue of notices to the State on a petition by a Bangalore-based advocate challenging the proposed visit to the United States by Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa and several legislators. A Division Bench, comprising Chief Justice P.D. Dinakaran and Justice V. Gopala Gowda, directed the Principal Government Advocate to take notice on behalf of the Government on the petition filed by S. Vasudeva. comment guidelines

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