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Cycle lanes planned in Bangalore

The long awaited news for enthusiastic cyclers in Bangalore is finally here. BMLTA and DULT are involved in commissioning a feasibility study for cycling lanes in the following localities. (Source: TOI)







JP Nagar

HSR Layout


The lens will be between 1 and 1.5 meters in width and will be next to the footpath. Read more at the linkes TOI article. The article also has some interesting statistics on Cycle usage in Banglore.

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A dream, but fit to be a BMLTA thing

I saw this in email lists last week. There was a PDF file doing the rounds, will attach to this post. First reaction certainly was a wow. But then I thought about it. Where would these bicyclers ride? On the edges of the road. Who will they share road space with? (refer to the "right of way" ideas). Two wheelers, and 'hungry autos' (the very slow autos who look for passengers on the edge of the road, I call them that)? And pedestrians as well? Yes, quality of pavements, and diminishing width has meant there are very few long enough stretches for pedestrians - I can tell you this for sure for Whitefield. Will you be game to take in the smoke and soot from Kerosene Autorickshaws? Remember, they have still not converted the ricks to CNG.

I bet Dr asj has not read this yet. The thing is - these are the dreams. without seriousness in enforcement, and massive social movement to correct our mindless behavior on the roads, these will-intended projects will stay just that - dreams.

But I like that BMLTA is doing this. Wish they had the powers to clear pavement encroachments, so that bicyclers can stay on the edge of the road, while pedestrians walk where they should. Wish BMLTA could have a say in planning bus stands, so that select bus stand could have the space to lock and leave bicycles for a few hours. Wish BMLTA had a say in designing the Volvo and Pushapk buses, so that we could get bicycle stands on the front and rear of buses to take our bicycles along.

Am I sounding negative. A little bit, but not a lot. I am happy that BMLTA is doing this, because once they get the right authority, they are the ones that can pull this off by coordinating across all the bodies. And they certainly have the right intentions.

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