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Praja site for Mangalore

There have been requests to start a Mangalore-Praja site. thaks to recent technical changes, we are now in a position to start one. But we need to assess if we have 10-15 votes of interest from folks who would be willing to make constructive posts on civic issues, and will be interested in taking matters beyond discussion later when memberships numbers reach good levels.

To reinforce things once again:

  • Our first goal is to build a community of constructive and caring citizens. We do that by way of constructive and fact based discussions.
  • Later, once we have good numbers, action on-ground will follow. may have to facilitate on-ground action, or things may just happen once we bring so many like minded potential activists together in one virual place.

Please let us know of your interest, questions and suggestions regarding Praja-Mangalore on this discussion thread. We will start the site as soon as we get good number of 'founding members' for Praja-Mangalore.

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Good Initiative

I am in for starting a Mangalore site for praja. But it definitely needs active participation on the ground from people who stay in Mangalore. Unfortunately, I stay in Bangalore, but would like to contribute in any which way possible to the cause.

 Bangalore-Mangalore train discontinuation discussion has been hot here and I feel there are quite a few who would like to be a part of the Mangalore Praja.

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Really a need of the hour

There are thousands of problems relating to Mangalore which needs to be sorted out after proper discussion in forums like Praja.  I really welocme the initiative to start the Praja for Mangalore.  Welcome Praja to mangalore. 


always active


always active

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Need folks to sign-up for seeding the site

Need folks to sign-up for writing praja style (as in fact based or constructive) posts on the new site. We will start the site only after a good number (at least 5) folks sign-up to write about Mangalore and its civic issues.

If you are afriad of making long term commitments, don't worry. Once the site gets started, we are sure we will get more like minded folks to contribute. But need to start with a seed group first. So do leave comments here indicating you are in, or just write to us via the contact form (available on the Menu on top, "About" -> "Contact") to tell us your thoughts and ideas (if you don't like leaving public comments).


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Mangalore Site - Welcome


I can contribute later (post Sep-8) on Mangalore.


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 This is a most welcome

 This is a most welcome step and i am all for it....thank you



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Any progress?

I would like to know the latest on this....has there been progress regarding starting the Mangalore site? http://kiran8-various.blo...
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its ready kiran - ""

Hi kiran, thanks for writing in. Mangalore site is ready, please see We have given you blogging rights on Mangalore site. To go to mangalore site, either typing the url directly (, or click on the "My City" menu on top, find "Mangalore" and click on it. Once on Mangalore site, click on "create content" to start posting Mangalore local stuff.


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Thanks a lot tech, I am very happy about it.i will definitely look into it :)



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