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What do we do with the Richmond road flyover!

Surprisingly there are very few flyovers in blr which do not have a huge jam under them
every day! The best example is that of the in-famous cable stayed bridge in KR puram and
arguably the next worst is the Richmond road flyover.

This hardly caters to anyone and there are jams below the flyover both at end of double road
and richmond circle.

why is this? cos of one ways on residency road and richmod road..

One of the big reasons why one way was introduced on these roads is cos of the schools and airport..
We have the airport shifted in one weeks time and coming to schools..isnt it the schools respoinsibily
to provide parking to the vehicles that come to drop/pick-up? About cars that come to pick the kids
of influential ppl..shouldnt there be a stopping place where they can pick up/drop kids inside the school?

Why should the general public be put to pain cos of schools inability to provide parking/stopping
area? Also expensive infrastructure like flyovers are going underutilized cos of this!

We should rework on the traffic stiuation on these roads as HAL ceases operation!

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Quite a few one-ways will have to be re-thought

With the HAL airport ceasing operation and the BIAL starting operation. The traffic dynamics are in for a sea change. I am sure the 23rd will not be a good day to venture out on the roads to and from Bellary road. Because of the sudden surge of traffic and the confusion its quite possible to see huge traffic pile ups and congestions.

However, coming back to the point. With the traffic scenario that will change from 23rd onwards a lot of one-ways and traffic restrictions might need to be re-thought so that the traffic flow can be smoothened to whatever extent possible in view of the still unfinished work on the underpasses and the bellary road widening projects.

I hope the traffic police are preparing to manage the traffic on the 23rd and beyond. A lot will depend on these gentlemen as far as traffic situation is concerned. 

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magic under flyover?

Mr.Subramanya (BBMP Commisioner) with all the controversies around his underpasses has kind of shown a ray of hope for commuters..

Can the same magic be retrofit to flyovers already in place? The span between the pillars are quite wide  around junctions and there is lot of space maybe all it needs is a magic underpass to make the flow smooth!

I am sure that during construction of the flyoevrs the engineers would have mapped the ground underneath very well to mark all the water pipes/sewer lines as well as utility lines..this data can be used to plan the underpasses better and faster!

HDK while inagurating a flyover/underpass junction, think it was jayadeva one, had commented that there were initial mistakes in blr of building only flyovers for a road and the need was for a signal free junctions..including underpasses!

So with the magic underpasses expertise..can we recreate magic?! 

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What do we do with the Richmond road flyover!

(1) the Richmond Circle flyover is the only flyover in the world where there is a signal light on top of the flyopver  or a traffic policeman is directing the traffic;  it can enter the Guiness book of world records; this has happened not only because of bad planning but also because of foresight in planning for future (not for 20 years but for 50 years)

one solution would be to demolish a few buildings on either side near double road and acquire the space for widening with interconnectivity between the two bracnches of the flyover

another solution would be to build a road (flyover) above the existing one (as in Bangkok)

if need be, we Praja members can have a meeting withh BBMP officials and present our workable ideas.


(2) anoher reason for traffic jams below any flyover in banaglore is the presence of traffic lights; any flyover (including a distance of 2 to 5 Kms on either side of it) should be designed to be signal free.

(3) regarding the provison of parking space by schools on Richmond Road for pick up & drop vehicles, this suggestion is most welcome. it should be mandatory for other business establishments

Srinath Heragu

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Oneways need to be changed to avoid the signal

This confusion is happening because mission road is one way after subbaiah circle and traffic coming to mission road is from Airport Road. Residency road is one way and traffic coming to residency road is from double road.

Earlier, this flyover was built so that people come from both mission and KH double road and either enter Residency Road or Airport Road. There was criss cross in between, but was OK. Because of the oneways below, we got a signal over flyover.

To overcome this, mission road one way direction needs to be changed so that drivers of mission road enter the flyover and reach residency road and airport road drivers need to take KH double road. X needs to be replaced by ) ( [two arcs].

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Richmond Flyover - For Buses Only ?


Hi All, 

Have been reading many valid points & suggestions here.

As Vasanth has rightly poinetd out, the flyover was designed when both, Richmond & Residensy roads were two-way roads. There is one more fact - the erstwhile ELRTS (route from Jayanagar via Hudson circle) was planned to pass through Richmond circle & go through Residency road to Mayo Hall & onwards to Indiranagar, but that's history now, but  there's no ramp on RRM road because of this.

Without disturbing the present scene, my suggestion is to convert it to buses use only (the buses may criss-cross, but this is manageable with speed breakers on the road on the flyover). This way, the buses would enjoy priority when passing through this congested area & at the same time discourage private vehicle use. If arrangements are made or improved for convenience of private vehicles, it promotes private vehicles use & in a few years (if not months), something further will be required, for sure in a never-ending cycle.

What do you all think ? Appreciate your feedback.


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richmond flyover

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richmond flyover

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Richmond road flyover to be 'normalized'?

 "We are reconsidering allowing two-way traffic on Richmond fly-over as the HAL airport is closed for passenger traffic and all facilities have been shifted to the Devanahalli airport. Traffic has eased in this part of the city and it is better to allow two-way traffic after studying the feasibility report"

more here

Btw we discussed this first on praja..early last year! 

Its not just the flyover, as  we have discussed we need to sort the parking issues at the schools on Residency road and Richmond road..

SB, can this be taken up strongly with Mr Sood?

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Richmond Circle flyover is two way

Removed due to duplication


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Richmond Circle flyover is two way

Isn't it already two way except for the criss cross? 

I hope they are planning to make Richmond Road and Residency Road two way.  The current arrangement makes it absolutely horrible for bus and auto users.

If at all they continue to be one-way, the directions probably could be reversed.  Currently on each road the road narrows progressively in the direction of traffic


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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plan to remove the signal on flyover

Yes the comprehensive plan is to restore two way traffic on all roads around richmond circle and remove the infamous signal on the flyover..

Probably Shoolay circle will need a majic underpass to prevent a bottleneck

It would be interesting to see if Praja can work with Mr Sood and his team on this.. 

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signal off richmond flyover!

Had a chance to use the flyover from mission road and getting down onto residency was pretty good..welcome this change!

Hopefully my drive back using the double road exit should workout ok..lets see..

Thanks Mr Sood! 

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Buses not following Lane :(

KSRTC\BMTC and Private buses coming onto the Mission Road end up on the right lane, blocking the traffic getting onto the ramp towards Residency road. The recent modifications to the traffice flow on the flyover is a WASTE, if the lane discipline is not enforced on all the vehicles, specifically Heavy Vehicles.

Can we get a height barrier on the right lane, so that the buses are forced to be on the left lane? comment guidelines

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