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BIAL Information for passengers

I am starting a new thread for posting variuos help line info and guide info for benefits of BIAL airport users and passengers. Please restrict the posting to Information only.



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An economical & comfortable way for BIA travel

Website : http://www.airliftonline....

Contact : +919845047788 

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UDF fine print - Pay at airport before June 30

Please note that all the international passengers flying from BIAL on or before 30th June have to pay the UDF of 1070 Rs at the airport. Cash, Debit and Credit Cards (Visa/Master only) will be accepted. (Source BIAL Easy Guide above)

Allow for additional time at least till the things are streamlined.



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BIAL Bus booking Online

In case you want to use BMTC "Vayu Vajra" service to and from BIAL, you can book your ticket in the site below (it also shows the bus timings on various routes) :

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UDF for All ?

Shastry Sir,

 Could you pls verify the UDF for all passengers? So far all the info available on BIAL says for "All International" Passengers. No mention of doemstic.

 Pls check once again and post the clarification.


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Syed Saab,

This is what I have known about UDF - UDF is for International Passengers from day one. But for Domestic Passengers it is waived off for 3 months and also is in discussion with GoK (Negotiation is the term)

I guess there will be UDF for Domestic Passengers after 3 months.


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bmtc services to bial

the above is a scematic of bmtc services to bia. i am waiting on some conformation of stops, but meanwhile this can be used a place holder.

this is also my tribute for the new airport that was 17 years in the making.
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International only

Thanks Syed, Sorry for my oversight. It is only the international ones. Edited my comment to reflect it. -Shastri


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tracker experiences

you guys think a thread on the tracker experiences is a good idea? i had barely grown a mustache and outgrown my chaddi when they first start talking about it. i had not even heard of internet. forget tracking. would love to hear how other members 'feel' amidst all the din lets not forget that this is perhaps the most significant infrastructure addition to blr in a long long time.
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That airlift idea posted by ranarula sounded really good.Except the site wasn't functional? I think this airport is going to pave the way for many innovative business ideas in terms of connectivity. I'm looking forward to see more such.
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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Busses to BIA

the additional data in columns are interesting!@ comment guidelines

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