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Belandur Jam

The Belandur-ORR intersection has become completely unmanageable. The ORR + 2 service roads intersect with the traffic from Belandur. So, this is not a 4-way intersection but a 12-way intersection at the very least.

The waiting time before each pass on ORR is atleast 2 mins during peak hours. Each pass allows only a very limited number of cars as there is no free movement going forward due to vehicles waiting for a U-turn butting in their noses, BMTC buses picking up passengers right at the intersection and also vehicles from service roads streaming in. In short, one should be prepared to wait at least 10-15 mins at the intersection during peak hours.

This purpose of this post is to generate some suggestions from members on how this intersection can be improved.

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Belandur Cross


Welcome Belandur Boy !

There is a proposal by BDA to build flyovers at Belandur Cross, Sarjapur-ORR junctions at Iblur & Agara. There is also a proposal to run BRT along ORR eastern part (Hebbal to Silkboard via OMR & Marathalli).

If these steps are taken, things should improve. comment guidelines

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