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BBMP a hurdle to BMTC

BBMP is actually a big hurdle to BMTC:

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BMTC can do better with less of BBMP

As a major user of mass transport (BMTC to school, college and privately operated BMTC buses to office), I know the pain personally.
Having a roofless bus-stop and converting footpaths to adhoc bus-stands add to traffic woes and is worsened by irate passengers spilling on to the roads; neither the bus driver nor the passengers are to blame.
You really have to witness the chaos people have to put up with at the fringe areas of Bangalore - Roofless improvised Bus stops on NH-4 is a good example.

If BMTC is given blanket approvals for constructing modern bus shelters replete with all the gadgetry like GPS and announcement systems, I am sure they will be more than ready to do it.

In high density areas, BBMP should facilitate creation of bus-bays by BMTC so that buses take a detour into the bus bay, which could be a mini TTMC able to accomodate upto 4 buses at one time, this helps to,

1. Prevent spilling over of passengers onto traffic lanes and inturn smoothens traffic flow.
2. Avoids diverting precious traffic police personnel just to manage passengers on road. You must see traffic constables forcing passengers onto footpaths to figure what I am talking about
3. BBMP and BMTC can earn ad-revenue out of these bus bays and easily recover costs
4. Prevents accidents of the kind that we saw just about a month ago, where a KV teacher was run over by a speeding BMTC bus when she was alighting another BMTC that had stopped bang in the middle of the road.

I suggest that we include this as a point in our WG with BMTC.

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Its not just BBMP and BMTC

Other important party involved is Traffic police. These three must work together. Later, add Metro (BMRC) to the list. Perhaps even later, add SW Railway to the list (if and when they do commuter rails).

This is the reason we need something like BMLTA (Bangalore Metropolitan Land Transit Authority). BMLTA needs to be strengthened and supported by all. We should watch them with interest, how their structure and 'powers' get defined. We badly need a body that will help these various work 'together'. comment guidelines

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