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1. Live Flight positions - 2. Live ATC radio - 3. Zurich Airport - http://www.zurich-airport... *** Links 1 and 2 is not maintained by Zürich Airport If you have good broadband connection... you can exactly find the .... flight position... ATC interaction with planes and also the flight status on airport website (arrival/dep). HATS off to the folks who have implemented this project....!! Zürich airport is maintained by Unique-Zürich.... I must say one of the best airports (I am biased ... I stay here...:)). Unique the bigger partner in BIAL would maintain the Bangalore airport as well. Hoping the BIA airport service and quality matches as it is here...coming to the main point ... wonder how good the flight information on the website would be. Till now I am happy with the BIAL website with regular updates...(not forgetting our praja site..:). Hoping the airport website would provide all the necessary details and flight info as its happening .. not those those static pages please..!! Not 2 forget... somebody start a direct flight from Zurich to Bangalore plz....:)...Aasaige kone illa...;). LX30..Swiss30 ... welcome 2 bangalore air space... 30 miles touch down...30th of March...(did somebody say.... airport is 30km from blore...hmmmm... lot of 3's here... tirupati..venka...:) Cheers ppl.. have fun.
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thanks raj for the links. that is one of the hopes. with seimens being one of the partners, bial hopefully will leverage all their expertise. they have spent 2000 odd crores on the airport, the terminal does not show the money, hopefully the process automation accounts for all that money. i believe bial will have rfid tagged baggage handling system. there are ofcourse p number of other processes that can use some good automation. but that also means blr will be the petridish were all seimens' experiments will be conducted. the terminal design is a prime example. it comes directly off seimen's modular airport with with terminals capable of 5 mil pax/year design. they have retrofitted a 10 mil pax/year design on that. have to see how that scales. curiously though, bial chose somebody called central parking for parking management, even when seimens itself is selling a 'module' for it. i guess bial will have no automation of parking for the time being. simple bisilu maLe solution is what we get. lets see lets see. 45 days. comment guidelines

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