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Feb 08 BIAL Update

- Panthers(fire fighting equipment) have arrvied from Austria and tested and being commissioned - Successful migration of airlines IT systems to the new airport has taken place and the check-in process via airline systems can now be tested. - Basic trials are now in the concluding stages. - The fuelling process has been successfully tested several times for capability and quantity of fuel required by the airlines. - The trainers of the ground handling agents have commenced training sessions for airport owned equipment and systems such as the passenger boarding bridges, airport safety and driving etc. This is in preparation for the integrated trial phases About panthers..they have the special capability of off road driving and can attain speeds of upto 80 kmph in less than 30 seconds and with a capacity of 12500 Liters water and 1500 Liters foam compound. -extract from
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panthers courtesy


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Those machines look mean :-). Are our fire department heads taking notice at all?
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Cargo Conundrum

Apprehensions over alleged inability of the BIAL to handle the air cargo quantum
Annual volume of exports and imports from Bangalore is 1.6 lakh tonnes
Migration from HAL to BIAL airport will increase operational costs

The air cargo operators have told the Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) in no uncertain terms that they will consider taking their business to other airports such as Chennai, Hyderabad or Mumbai. Expressing their apprehensions about the alleged inability of the BIAL to handle the air cargo quantum from Bangalore to various destinations around the world, members of the Bangalore Air Cargo Club (BACC) have posed a volley of queries to the BIAL at a meeting of the stakeholders organised by the club here on Monday.

The BACC has made it clear to the BIAL that with the existing connectivity, infrastructure and facilities, the BIAL may not perform as efficiently as the BACC wants. Senior member of the BACC Newton Michael pointing out that the migration of cargo operations to BIAL from HAL airport from March 30 would increase the operational costs, and if the BIAL was going to charge the cargo operators more than what was charged in other airports, the operators would be left with no alternative but go for cheaper airports. Mr. Michael said the BIAL had not yet quoted the rates and was keeping the operators on tenterhooks.

Chairman of the infrastructure committee of the Bangalore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Devesh Agarwal said the operators were still under confusion if there would be a split in customs clearance between HAL and BIAL. He said the shifting of airport operations on March 30 was a bad time as it was the financial year-end for all importers and exporters.

President of BACC Nirmal Sandhu said the annual volume of exports and imports from Bangalore was to the tune of 1.6 lakh tonnes with a growth rate of 24 per cent in the present fiscal, which made it the fastest growing air cargo business hub in the southern region. Mr. Sandhu urged the BIAL authorities to treat the commencement of cargo operations on a fast track basis.

The members expressed anguish over the lack of connectivity. They said the NH 7 which was already crowded might not be able accommodate the additional traffic it is likely to get once the airport was thrown open.

Air cargo operators threaten to dump BIAL
Deccan Herald Feb 12, 2008
As if poor road connectivity and other infrastructure contraints are not problematic enough, the Bengaluru International Airport has a new issue to contend with. Air cargo operators have threatened to look out for other south Indian airports for cargo consignment movements if the cargo handling facility at BIAL is not up to the mark.

This warning came at a discussion here on ‘Future of Cargo Operations in Bangalore’, a crucial meet attended by air cargo operators, BIAL officials and representatives from airlines and industries.

Only 45 days are left for the airport in Devanahalli to begin flight operations. Bangalore Air Cargo Club president Nirmal Singh Sandhu said the air cargo operators are contemplating moving out to the Chennai, Hyderabad or Kochi airports if the airport faces any infrastructure constraints related to cargo handling.

“Moving to other airports is an option. Till date, we have received no confirmation as to what facilities are in place at the airport site or from when they will have to relocate from the present HAL airport to the new airport,” he said.

Currently, Bangalore handles a lakh tonnes of air cargo with an annual growth of 24 per cent. Shesh Kulkarni, president, UT Worldwide (India) Private Limited, said, “Each company has around 100 odd people; working, relocating the office and other infrastructure facilities should have been done by now. But the promoters of the airport have not been receptive,” he said.

‘Air cargo to BIAL’
A senior BIAL official, however, said air cargo operations would be shifted to the new airport. A temporary facility will be provided in the airport which will have sufficient space for cargo handling areas, warehouses and offices.

He said from March 20, the temporary cargo facility will be handed over to operators. From March 30, no cargo operations will take place from HAL airport.

A relocation committee has been constituted comprising cargo operators, consortia of SATSAir India and Bobba Group-Menzies Aviation which will handle cargo operations at the airport. This committee will meet on February 14 and decide the future course of action, including rates for cargo handling,” he said.

Plans afoot to make BIAL a cargo hub
source: Travel Biz Monitor

The Bengaluru International Airport (BIAL) is expected to serve as a hub for cargo operations. The consortiums of Air India with SATS and Menzies Aviation with Bobba Group are now building the cargo facility and are responsible for its design, construction, financing and operation. The combined area for both warehouses is approximately 15 acres with an initial capacity to handle approximately 3, 00,000 tons of cargo annually. The facility will have domestic and international cargo in the same premises.

According to BIAL, the cargo operations will be offered at competitive pricing to all airlines and shippers. However, charges for cargo handling are yet to be finalised. The airport will not provide any transport facilities for the users and no user fee for cargo will be levied. There will also be no restrictions on the type of cargo that can be handled at the airport.

The facility will have 24/7 CCTV surveillance, inventory check, breakdown management, build-up management, dangerous goods management, damaged ULD management, damaged cargo management, ULD inventory management and truck queue control. Plus, the warehouse management will be backed with IT systems, which will have features like RF wireless hand-held mobile, barcode system management, storage locations, etc.

Meanwhile, BIAL is in discussions with major carriers in India to base their domestic and international operations at the airport. At present, airlines such as Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, Thai Airways, Malaysian Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Gulf Air, Sri Lankan, etc operate to Bangalore. Airlines, especially from the Middle East, have reportedly evinced interest in the project, and a decision is expected to be taken by 2008-end.
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No groundwater for projects around BIAL

No groundwater for projects around bial.
Source: Business Standard (Hotel plans near BIAL grounded)

With the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) categorically stating that it will not unlock the green-belt around the new Bangalore International Airport near Devanahalli, several hotel projects proposed in the area are likely to be grounded.

Non-availability of water around the airport is being cited as the reason by the KPSCB to reject scores of applications from various firms seeking clearance certificate.

Speaking to the Business Standard, KSPCB Chairman H C Sharat Chandra said surface water sources around the airport are few while the ground water table in the area is depleting.

Water is now available only below 600-800 feet from the surface. If star hotels are permitted, the water level will further dip. So we have taken a decision against giving permission,” said Chandra.

It is estimated that 4.5 lakh litres of water is consumed everyday by hotels if they are allowed to operate. That eventually will only dry water sources in the rural areas, Chandra added.

Even the Bangalore International Airport Area Planning Authority (BIAAPA) had announced that it will not approve projects that will destroy natural river valley network in the three towns of Devanahalli, Doddaballapur and Vijayapura and the 347 villages that are in the airport area.

With the airport all set to be inaugurated this March-end, pressure is being mounted by hospitality lobby to allow five star hotels in the vicinity of the airport.

But Chandra maintained: “We will give permission provided the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB)supplies to these hotels. We will not allow anyone to exploit the ground water table.”

At present, BWSSB has installed a dedicated pipeline to the airport.

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Cauvery water for airport. (need to scroll down a bit)


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thanks sri. some nice images from that article in so these are the lucky doodes who will get to play those austrian dames ha?
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Be ready to shell out more for air cargo services at BIAL

* There will be a considerable rise in transportation charges
* Handling charges likely to go up by 10 p.c. to 20 p.c.
* Only one of the two operators has opened a warehouse

It will not just be the passengers who will be digging deeper into their pockets to use the new international airport at Devanahalli; even the cargo transportation is likely to be costlier by at least 50 per cent to 75 per cent.

Which means a steep hike in import and export costs affecting all types of industries based in and around Bangalore and others parts of the State which are depending on the airport in Bangalore for transportation of goods.

The Bangalore Customs House Agents’ Association (BCHAA) is expecting an increase of at least 10 per cent to 20 per cent in handling charges to be collected by Bobba Group-Menzies Aviation, which owns one of the two cargo warehouses at the Bangalore International Airport complex at Devanahalli.

Apart from an increase in handling charges, there would be a considerable rise in transportation charges as the new airport is situated almost 40 km away from the city centre.

Moreover, the customs agents (about 250 firms), who are at present operating in the private buildings near the HAL Airport and the MSIL-HAL-run cargo warehouse situated just outside the airport, have to establish their offices at the new airport.

Distance factor
BCHAA president D.V. Prabhu said that all the recognised customs agents (firms) have no other option but to compulsorily depend on the office space to be provided by Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) on rental basis as no private buildings are allowed within a certain distance from the airport.

Initial indications are that there is going to be a considerable increase in handling charges by the warehouse operators with only one of the two operators opening its warehouse.

The agents are also worried about the rental to be paid for the office premises at the airport complex as it would make a major dent in their monthly expenditure.

Due to these factors, it would be inevitable for the agents to increase their service and administration charges and it would be in the range of at least 50 to 75 per cent, Mr. Prabhu has pointed out.

“We are in the process of negotiations with BIAL and the warehouse operators to arrive at practical charges that are beneficial to both operators and customers,” said Mr. Prabhu.

However, Mr. Prabhu expressed displeasure both with the Government and BIAL for not involving the industry representatives in the process of fixation of various charges for cargo transportation.

“Industries are bread winners both for customs house agents and airport operators. Their involvement would be crucial as they would be the first to be affected in case of unilateral decisions and that might force them to shift to neighbouring airports for cargo operations,” he added.

HAL Airport handles about 1.3 lakh to 1.5 lakh tonnes of cargo resulting in collection of over Rs. 2,700 crore annually.

The major inconvenience would be for the field employees of customs house agents who are residing in the areas near the HAL Airport or in areas within easy travelling distance, he said.

“With the shifting of the airport, these employees need to travel 80 km (both ways) to go to the new airport and the cost of their travel would fall on our shoulder. We are trying to negotiate with the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation to get monthly passes for our employees at concessional rates besides requesting to operate point-to-point bus services from the HAL Airport to the new airport as all our offices are located in the existing airport,” Mr. Prabhu added.
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nice pictures....

Looks like a really functional airport and roomy. hopefully they'll add plants and other furnishings to make it more homely.


and BTW are those fire retardant? looks like 40% cotton 60% polyester to me...he he

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yeah thought about it myself. uniforms looked straight out of a catalogue from suresh tailors, gandhinagar. not to mention the helmet. no flash lights?

 nevertheless, i am sure all this netter than what exists. did some searching around,  equipment is on par with the greatest amongst the latest.

way to go i say. hope they never get to use it ever. 

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more pics...

A whole lot of pictures in Suryaprakash's album.

Parking Lot & bus/taxi lanes. canopy running through parking lot too.

Pretty cool actually, they've managed to match the blue of the sky inside too.

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nice snaps...

nice snaps... thnks for sharing...!!!
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UDF for Domestic and International Passengers

Hi All,

I have some news regarding UDF for Domestic and International Passengers.

Indian Avaition News Website provides some updates...


Link :

Update from the site:

Hyderabad and Bangalore Airports to issue user development charges for outbound international
Indian Government approved greenfield airports at Hyderabad and Bangalore to issue user development charges for outbound international passengers, to allow for airport operators to recover development costs.


The new airport in Hyderabad is to become operational on 16-Mar-08, while the Bangalore airport is to officially open soon after, on 30-Mar-08.

Details include:
-GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd: USD24.80 per international outbound passenger;
-Bangalore International Airport Ltd: USD22.40.

The concession agreement the Government originally signed with the airport operators permits them to charge upto USD18.80 per customer. The airport operators however have for now opted not to introduce charges on domestic services.

(c) Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. Date posted:22-Feb-08


So can any one check if this is true!!!! I did not read it any of main Newspapers :(-



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Did the trial runs go smooth today? Any updates...?? I did not see any thing in the media... I did see a video feature on times which was all negative about how the airport is not yet complete and only Runway was 100% complete etc,,, etc,,,

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