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Satellite towns

I think these projects aimed at developing satellite and peripheral towns around Bangalore are critical for long term health of the metro region. If done right, these integrated towns (Bidadi, Ramanagaram, Nandagudi) could wean businesses and residents away from central areas of Bangalore. How is that for de-congestion? Though it is not a single project as such, the set of projects with the goal to develop satellite towns deserves some tracking, what say?
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Will they?

I have no doubt about the utility of these, but am really skepticle about their development. I presume it takes a lot of will power and co-ordination between various departments to get a township to the stage it should be, and I doubt if they will ever succeed in that.

This kind of thing would need the governance to go one step higher in its thinking and implementation.

I am an optimist so finally hope that they will!

Here is what a friend wrote about self-sufficient satellite towns on a related note.


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It does take a lot of co-ordination b/w various public bodies. But that is what BMRDA is for.
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Bidadi is a non starter

The Hindu is reporting that even though there were 24 qualified applicants for the Bidadi project, only DLF submitted a bid for the project. The reason, why everybody backed out?

... because many companies felt that the project could be a non-starter in the light of political instability. The land compensation, rehabilitation and resettlement package announced for the displaced families made it unviable. A top executive of a company, short listed for the second round but did not bid, said: “The package is too exorbitant to implement and the developer will suffer losses.”

Further, a few of them felt that the project had too many constraints. “Land would be released in phases and that too on lease. Where do we get funds for leased land? Besides, the developer will not be insulated from legal and environmental issues that could crop up at later stages.”


Now this does not mean DLF will build the township, unless its proposal clears technical and financial evaluations, even that is not gauranteed. Which means, if even DLF fails due to either reasons, then the process starts all over again. comment guidelines

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