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Axe trees, says forest department

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Axe trees, says forest department, by Imran Khan.

BANGALORE: In what could lead to wide-spread and indiscriminate felling of trees, the state forest department has recommended an amendment to the Karnataka Trees Preservation Act of 1976.The civic authorities in Bangalore especially have been crying hoarse for not being able to cut trees for “developmental” activities because of the Act. According to the recommended amendment, one need not seek permission from the forest department before axing trees.The Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act, 1976, mandates that no person shall fell any tree or cause any tree to be felled in any land, whether it was in his ownership or otherwise, unless a permission was granted by the tree officer.The proposed amendment, which grants permission of felling of 42 species of trees in the state, has been pending with the state government for ....

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I was shocked to read this piece of news. If the cabinet passes this amendment, then we can be assured of Bangalore becoming the best concrete jungle in the world.  

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Vinay, Do you have a full list of the 42 species?

Deepak Rajanna

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Trees..ouR heritage??

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"We will conduct a tree count so we have accurate data on the number of trees, the species and who owns them.This will give us a clearer picture of the city's tree population.
When we tag all these tress through GPS/RFID, we should be able to keep a closer tab on tree felling," 

BBMP is wasting money on putting GPS tags on trees that its gonna cut anyways...its like radio collaring tigers only to track them down and kill them!

CM croaks everywhere about planting 5 Lakh saplings before the monsoon..does he know about the source for these saplings? Does he know the varieties that need to be planted? Does he know about the tree care that needs to be done?

Btw who is the ultimate authority on trees for BBMP? is it the chief wildlife warden?

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Re : Deepak and Srinidhi

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I have a scanned copy of the amendment which ahs the species names..nit sure how to upload here from har-drive..


BBMP has 2 Deputy Conservator of forests deputed from forest dept., they are in charge...however this act is a applicable state wide and is brough out by forest dept.





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vij. karnataka asks for readers inputs on this issue

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The newspaper vijaya karnataka has asked for readers thoughts on this proposed amendment. It will be great if you can all mail in your comments so that it creates a big impact. Do mail them to vkblr@vijaykarnatak or fax them to 080-40877695/ 6

You can also see the article online here - http://www.vijaykarnataka... index1.php

if the link above doesnt work, check here

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