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Airport Road Woes

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This is to draw the attention of people who use and/or stay around the Airport Road in Bangalore.

First and foremost is that the residents of Kempapura are suffering since there is no divider or a flyover suited for this place. Nor is there a flyover under construction. Earlier, the road divider was open for this place, and speedbreaker was constructed for a good cause, I agree. Then, not only has the divider been closed, but also a signal has been installed after closing, and more so, the speedbreaker which was there hasnt been removed still. Hence, residents of Kempapura have to travel additional 1 1/2 km to reach the city/airport.

Then, the drain is constructed bang on center of the road, with slabs laid. The slabs cause bump on vehicles, and even some two wheelers slip due to this, and even accidents, especially during lane change. While slabs been constructed in various footpaths have broken arbitrarily often, how can slabs constructed on such a road with heavy traffic, including huge trucks and buses plying 24 X 7 withstand such shocks?

The streetlights that were installed in 2008 have been removed for construction of flyover. Except for a small part of <b>Byatarayanapura</b>, the entire road, right from after Hebbal flyover to Devanahalli is dark at night, and it is more dangerous to pedestrians. Although there is news that streetlights are being installed at the top of the flyover, they are only unidirectional (on top only), whereas they should be bidirectional (one on top and the other on bottom). In fact, more pedestrians and slow moving vehicles staying around the airport road would use the bottom part, and people there would be more vulnerable to rowdies and goondas at night. Even when the streetlights are installed at the top, they would be very weak to reach the bottom of the road, and if so, they would only reach the middle of the road and not on the edge.

The road is extremely pedestrian unfriendly, with many areas not having footpaths at all. The areas near <b>Kendriya Vihar</b> and <b>Kogilu Cross</b> especially greatest examples. With vehicles moving at high speeds, these pedestrians in high danger of being knocked over by them. Not to mention the above mentioned woes also apply to these areas.


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Even I leave in Kendriya

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Even I leave in Kendriya Vihar, its really terrific walk from KV( with 600 flats) to Kogilu cross because of high speed traffic and no foot path construction yet.

In rain days it is even worst.

For young persons it self it is difficult, it is be horrible to walk for elders here. comment guidelines

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